Selecting the Right Delivery Software: 7 Essential Criteria to Consider

Selecting the Right Delivery Software: 7 Essential Criteria to Consider

Are you thinking about automating your deliveries and enhancing your customer delivery experience? Are you looking for delivery software and find yourself a bit lost with all the options?

While you may be in a rush to optimize your deliveries, it is important to make sure you’re choosing the right tool for your business and that you get as many benefits as you can. You may want delivery software for a specific reason, but you could be surprised to see all the other features that could help your business.

Here are the seven most important elements to consider when you’re shopping for a delivery software:

#1 Powerful route builder

The main reason businesses use a delivery software most of the time is because of the route builder. They spend a lot of time planning their routes and want a tool that will make it easier and save them time. Even though different delivery software has different features, they almost all offer route building. However, some route builders are more powerful than others.

As route optimization is one of the most important features of a delivery software, it is important to pick one that will build your routes in just a few seconds and that will dispatch efficiently. A powerful route builder will use real-time data in order to continuously update routes to make sure drivers are always on the fastest path. Ask to see a demo of how the route builder works in order to see if it’s easy to use and how fast it is.

#2 Interactive platform, easy navigation

Even if you would like to have multiple features, remember the platform still has to be easy to use. You don’t want your drivers to be calling you with questions about the app and having to communicate with the software company to figure out how it works. You want an interactive platform that makes it easy to find your orders, drivers' profiles, vehicles, and customer files.

One of the main points of having a delivery software is being organized. Therefore, you'll want to choose one that allows you to access all the information you need in a few clicks. Ask the delivery software company to do a demo before you make a decision and observe how the app is structured during the presentation to see if it will be easy for you and your drivers to use it.

#3 Full offline mode

Some areas where your drivers will deliver parcels have no connection, which can lead to an increase in downtime. During those times, your drivers are not able to use the app and, therefore, they won't be able to optimize their routes, access customer files, or take photos.

However, some delivery software has a full offline mode, meaning that the app will still work in areas with no connection. Drivers will still be able to deliver their parcels, record proof of delivery and snap photos. This is a great benefit that will allow drivers to save time and keep dispatching packages with no interruptions.

#4 White-labeled experience

If you would like your messages and live updates to be customized, some delivery software gives you the option to white-label the app. That way, you will be able to enhance your brand's image and look more professional in the eyes of your customers.

It usually feels more consistent for your customers and they are less lost with many different companies taking care of their delivery. For these reasons, choose a delivery software that allows you to have your logo and colors on all the messages sent to customers.

#5 Live tracking

Tracking is one of the best tools to enhance customers' delivery experience is. In 2021, people are less tolerant of delays or any disturbances, and they want to know where their parcel is at any time.

With a tracking option, they will know precisely when it will be delivered. Therefore, they won’t have to call you if the driver is late, and they can plan their day without having to stay home and wait for their package. It will also reduce the chance that your driver will miss them and have to attempt a second delivery.

#6 Good technical support

When choosing a delivery software, it is important to pay attention to the support the company is providing to you. Software is technology and glitches happen. And when they do, you want their team to fix the issue quickly so it doesn’t affect your operations.

Learning how to use the software usually requires training. But sadly, a number of companies will just allow you to use the software without demonstrating how to use it. This is why you should make sure before you choose a delivery software that their team is going to take the time to provide you real training.

#7 SMS/emails review system

Even if your main purpose is to optimize your routes, additional features that will improve your brand reputation are a bonus. Some delivery software offers an SMS/email review system, meaning that every time a delivery is completed, your customers will receive a notification asking for a review.

If your customers are happy with their delivery experience, especially if they had access to the tracker, it will be the best time to request a review on Google or social media. It is an easy way to increase your reviews, and we all know how important reviews are when customers shop online.

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