2022 Delivery Trends Report: Understanding Customer Expectations

2022 Delivery Trends Report: Understanding Customer Expectations

If one day you would come to Cigo's offices, one of the main thing you will see is probably many people going to each others' desk and sharing precious information they got talking to a customer or a prospects.

We share between us any bit of information we get from users and potential customers in order to have a full picture of the kind of platform they need.

Our goal is to keep offering innovative solutions to eCommerce businesses, delivery companies, or any store that offers delivery services. As such, we always put an emphasis on understanding not only businesses’ needs but also those of their customers.

This is why we believe that it’s important to respond to customers’ expectations and study their behaviors to take the right actions to increase their satisfaction and, therefore, their loyalty. We recently conducted a survey in order to better understand what end customers expect after they place an order.

Customers will experience different feelings throughout the buying journey. It is important for your business to take those feelings into consideration as they can have a direct impact on the way your customers perceive your brand.

Online shopping behaviour

How often do you order online?

You have been shopping online more frequently since the pandemic:

As you can see from the charts, customers' behavior regarding online shopping has changed over the course of the pandemic. eCommerce sales have considerably increased, which means more orders and, therefore, more deliveries. The pandemic has taught us to use technology much more frequently since social interactions have been limited.

Customers' expectations towards delivery are now higher, so you should put more effort into improving your delivery service, making sure you offer the best experience to your customers.

Delivery Speed

How often do you pay a premium for a faster/accelerated delivery?

In your opinion, how important is delivery speed?

When ordering online, you worry that your order may arrive late

As illustrated in the charts above, delivery speed is an important point for customers and should definitely be considered if you want to increase their satisfaction and return rate.

How can you deliver orders faster?

When it comes to delivery speed, there are different factors that can allow you to deliver faster and increase your delivery amounts per day.

A number of elements can delay a delivery driver, like traffic congestion. To overcome those challenges, companies have begun using delivery software with powerful route builders. An intelligent route builder allows you to create complex delivery routes and dispatch your drivers efficiently. It will also optimize routes while drivers are on the road, using real-time data, which allows them to always be on the fastest path.

Live delivery tracking

In your opinion, how important is it to be able to track your orders in real-time?

If you have the option to track your order in real-time, are you going to use it?

In recent years, more and more companies have started to offer real-time delivery tracking, as customers expect to have a minimum of visibility over their package. Customers want live tracking so that they can plan their day ahead and be there to receive their package.

What is real-time delivery tracking?

This option is usually offered with delivery management software. It notifies customers of the status of the delivery. They receive SMS or email notifications that let them know how many stops are left before theirs, giving them an idea of when the package will be delivered. The status is updated every few seconds, and customers are notified if the delivery is delayed.

This can also considerably reduce the number of inbound calls you receive from customers asking about their deliveries.

Left at the door packages

When ordering online, you worry that your order will be delivered while you’re not home

When ordering online, you worry that your order may be stolen if no one is there to receive it

How to reduce customers’ anxiety

Another reason that customers love real-time tracking is that it reduces the risk of the package getting stolen if it’s left at the doorstep, as customers can arrange to be there or have someone pick it up for them.

Some delivery software also allows your customers to chat in real-time with your drivers and give them instructions if necessary such as "hide the package under the bench".

Damaged items

When ordering online, you worry that your order may be damaged when you receive it

Which of the following are most likely to prevent you from buying again from a brand?

Damaged items are a serious issue for customers and can negatively impact the return rate.

How to deal with damaged items

You might take all the precautions necessary, but accidents still happen, and it is likely that you will have to deal with damaged items at some point. That being said, some delivery route software allows your driver to take photos of damaged items and store them directly in the app. When this happens, you will be notified right away.

This will allow you to take action immediately, showing customers you genuinely care about offering them good service and therefore reducing the negative impression they have on your company.

Make customers return

After a bad delivery experience, would you order from the same company again?

Your expectations regarding delivery experience increased since the pandemic:

What makes customers return?

As the chart above shows, the delivery experience has become an essential part of the customer’s buying journey; it is an important factor considered by customers before they purchase something online.

This is why all the advice given in this article is important, as the goal should be to respond to customers' needs and make them happy. Delivery speed, real-time delivery tracking, and company transparency all contribute to enhancing the customer experience. When customers have a smooth delivery, they start to trust your company and are more likely to purchase again. They might even order bigger amounts.

Meet CIGO Tracker

Cigo is a cloud-based delivery software that allows companies to automate their deliveries and enhance their customers' delivery experience.

Thanks to important features such as real-time delivery tracking, Cigo allows companies to be more transparent with their customers, reduce missed deliveries and improve delivery experience.

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5 star rating review

Health, Wellness & Fitness, Used the Software for: 1+ year

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5 star rating review


Health, Wellness & Fitness, Used the Software for: 1+ year

Comments: Their customer service is really incredible. Platform has been reliable no real downtimes.

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