Deliveries to consumer workplaces: how to offer the best service

Deliveries to consumer workplaces: how to offer the best service

In the US and Canada, approximately 20% of online shoppers ask for their parcels to be delivered to their workplace, according to IMRG. People are returning to offices, but they still want to benefit from the convenience of having products delivered.

In order to stand out from the competition, it is important for delivery services to understand customers’ needs and behaviors to find the best solutions for them. Here is some important information that will help you to improve your delivery service:

Why do customers request for packages to be delivered at their workplace?

The main reason is that they don’t want to miss the driver, as several issues might arise if the customer isn’t home when the package is delivered. Here’s why people don’t want to miss a delivery:

Fear that their package will be stolen

Some customers prefer to have packages delivered to their home so they can make sure no one will steal their parcel.

In 2020, 1 out of 3 customers reported a package being stolen. These odds scare customers, and packages are very easily stolen if left at a doorstep. Therefore, they might feel anxious if they know drivers are delivering their products when they are not home.

Fear that they will have to go pick up their package at a pickup point

When customers make a purchase online, it’s usually to benefit from the convenience of having the product delivered and not having to go to a pickup point after work. Delivery can save them a lot of time, especially if they have busy schedules.

They might need their package for work

Some customers might order products that they intend to use at work, especially if they are auto-entrepreneurs, so they want to have their order delivered directly to their workplace. Desk accessories, books, electronic devices — many things are delivered to workplaces.

They order meal prep for lunch

In recent years, the trend of having healthy and homemade meals delivered for lunch has become extremely popular. Both convenient and delicious, meal preps are now the go-to lunch for many people. So, many workers who want their meals to be fresh will have them delivered to the office.

People are usually busy with work and might not have time to go get lunch, especially if there are limited food options around their workplace. Having meal prep delivered allows them to continue working without interruption and avoid having to drive or wait in line at a restaurant where the food may not be as good as homemade prepared dishes.

They might need the product very soon and can’t take the risk of missing the driver

If customers are okay with having a product delivered on the second or third attempt, things change when they order a product that they need to get as soon as possible.

For example, they may have ordered an outfit online that they need for a weekend event or a birthday gift and can’t wait for a second or third delivery attempt. Therefore, they ask for the product to be delivered to where they are. As most drivers deliver during the week, customers will most likely be at the office.

What can you do to make the delivery at workplaces seamless and respond to customers’ needs?

Communicate with your customers to get delivery instructions

If customers like having the option to give instructions for their at-home deliveries, this is even more important for workplace deliveries. Even if they want to receive their package from your driver, they may not want to be disturbed when they are working, so they will give you instructions to guide the driver.

Plus, your drivers can waste a lot of time in customers’ offices if they get lost. With the right instructions, they will deliver the parcel quickly.

If your customers work in big buildings with multiple departments, it might be hard for drivers to find them. That is why it's important to choose a delivery software that allows drivers to communicate with customers.

For example, customers can provide the name of another person to receive the package, like a receptionist. They can also give your driver the buzzer number if they are in a big building as well as other instructions (e.g., elevator location, floor number).

Live tracking for your customers

Since they are at work, customers might be busy when the drivers arrive. This is why live tracking is an essential feature to look for when choosing a delivery software; it will allow your customers to know precisely when the drivers will arrive.

Customers can therefore organize their day to ensure they can receive their parcels. If they know they will be in a meeting, they can ask a coworker to receive the package for them or let your drivers know where they can put the package safely.

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