Delivery Drivers: The Key Players in Finalizing Customer Transactions

Delivery Drivers: The Key Players in Finalizing Customer Transactions

Over a year into the pandemic, and the world is still rife with fear and uncertainties related to COVID-19. With people still wary of public places and gatherings, last-mile delivery of products ordered online has become a necessity more than a luxury.

This new reality has placed even greater importance on the role delivery drivers play in their companies, especially for bigger box item delivery that requires a two-person delivery team.

No matter how big it is, delivering any order to the customer’s doorstep safely is now a necessity. Still, it brings an opportunity to solidify a great lasting impression with customers. One white-glove service provider are making the most of it.

White-glove and “two-man” last-mile delivery service approaches have elevated the role of the delivery driver to that of a “closer” to the customer buying journey.

And the right last-mile delivery software is just the tool to help your drivers and your company get there.

Two-Man / White Glove Delivery Service

“Two-man” delivery is a logistic term that refers to two people, instead of one, handling the transportation and delivery of a customer’s product. This has become common practice when companies have to deliver big-box items like mattresses, appliances or furniture.

It enables drivers to have as little contact with customers as possible. With a two-person team, drivers won’t need to impose on customers and ask for help unloading or placing the item inside their home. The additional pair of hands means the customer can stay at a safe distance and reduces the chances of damage to a large and unwieldy package.

White-glove services, where the two-person delivery team also unpacks, assembles and places the item, further reduces physical contact between customers and drivers, provides minimal hassle to the client, and high-end service higher customer satisfaction.

Optimized Routing

Companies that add a second delivery person to their routes add a high level of service to their customers and greater demand on their bottom line.

The right last-mile delivery software helps companies efficiently plan realistic and efficient routes for drivers to reduce idling and road time.

Dispatch can plan complex routes in just a few clicks, account for traffic disruptions, automatically verify addresses and have a way prepared and ready for their drivers in no time.

The best delivery software systems provide drivers with an app that allows them to simply open a route and follow the optimized path to their destinations to make the delivery journey as quick and easy as possible.

Ensuring delivery to the correct address in the shortest period means more successful deliveries, decreased delivery times and more deliveries per day, ensuring the greatest return on investment for companies using a two-person team.

Efficient route planning means drivers have the time they need to prepare their in-home delivery properly, unpack, place, assemble and remove the packaging for their customer, hitting a high mark for customer satisfaction and leaving a legacy of incredible service.

Effective route planning is crucial for turning your drivers into “closers,” giving them ample time to do their job right in the customer’s home.

Customer Feedback Option

The right last-mile delivery software puts the power of increased communication into the hands of the customer.

Tracking their delivery in real-time and getting up-the-minute updates on their smartphone are features most customers expect. Not only do they provide a high level of convenience and leave a lasting impression on the quality of your brand, but they help ensure customers are home to receive their delivery.

When the driver’s “wow,” the customer with incredible service allows customers to provide feedback on the drivers and leave a review online, receiving input and empowering customers to relay their delivery experience offers deep and valuable insights into how drivers represent the company.

Customer reviews of their drivers allow the company to reward outstanding service and bonus drivers for customer satisfaction. Recognition for a job well done and financial incentives increase driver satisfaction and retention, two enemies of fantastic customer service as a last-mile delivery service provider.

Role of Delivery Drivers as Closers

Today, delivery drivers play a crucial role in providing a lasting impression of incredible service for any company.

Last-mile delivery companies that pay more attention to opportunities for providing white-glove service and quick, safe, and smooth customer experience with two-person delivery will set themselves apart from their competition. It’s easier than ever to optimize last-mile delivery service by using the proper dispatch and delivery tracking software.

Your bottom line and your customers will thank you for it.


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Health, Wellness & Fitness, Used the Software for: 1+ year

Comments: Their customer service is really incredible. Platform has been reliable no real downtimes.

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