5 reasons why delivery software keeps your customers happy

If online retail sales were increasing rapidly before Covid, the pandemic has greatly accelerated eCommerce, increasing 32,4% year over year in 2020 and 39% in the first quarter of 2021. While lockdowns have made decreased the demand of consumers to shop in-store, they increased the demand for online shopping - as shown by the significant increase in the number of deliveries.

The events of the last year have pushed businesses to adapt to these new trends and quickly optimize their delivery process. However, offering an outstanding and smooth delivery experience remains a challenge for many businesses. Yet, in a world where eCommerce is rapidly growing, and deliveries are multiplying, it is crucial to offer a great delivery experience to your customers if you want to stand out from the competition and have the happiest customers.

This is the reason why delivery software has become an essential tool for all eCommerce businesses, as its features allow you to control every aspect of your delivery process. Here are 5 ways delivery software will keep your customers happy:

#1 Real-time delivery tracking

With live tracking using real-time data, your customers can now track last-mile deliveries and know precisely when their parcel will be delivered. As your customers can keep an eye on their delivery and will receive live updates, it will considerably reduce the number of inbound calls you will receive, with a reduction of up to 85%. Moreover, your drivers will receive fewer calls during dispatch, increasing their productivity and enabling them to execute their deliveries faster.

This SMS/Email tracking feature will also demonstrate transparency to your customers. They will receive live updates via SMS and emails to inform them of any delay due to traffic or other incidents. This is an option that is usually greatly appreciated as it will reassure them that their parcel is on its way and allow them to plan their day around knowing when they will have to be home to receive the package.

#2 Reduction of missed delivery windows

Delivery management software creates a complex route using an intelligent route builder that optimizes your drivers’ time on the road. Additionally, real-time data will update routes automatically so that the driver always uses the fastest path to dispatch his parcels. Therefore, they will deliver packages on time as the delivery software will calculate precisely how long it will take them to reach their destination.

Customers always seem to notice when you’ve failed in any way to provide the expected service. Everyone rewards efficiency and reliability. Therefore, thanks to this delivery management software, your overall brand image improves when your customers receive their parcels on time and as promised. It also allows you to stand out from the competition by offering your customers a smooth and reliable service.

#3 Faster deliveries

Delivery software equipped with route builder and, most importantly, real-time data features will increase your driver’s productivity by planning their daily routes, ensuring they can make as many deliveries as possible. Therefore, instead of waiting for weeks for their parcel to be delivered, customers can expect a delivery a few days earlier. No more waiting!

Furthermore, some delivery software programs have a fully offline mode feature that allows your operators to use the application even when they are in places where there is no Wi-Fi. Thus, you will be able to reduce downtime for your operators by keeping track of their deliveries in real-time and increase daily delivery quotas. And we know that faster delivery usually means happier customers. After all, who doesn’t enjoy receiving their parcel in a shorter time than expected?

#4 Integrated communication

Your customers like to feel they are important and cared for. Make sure to pick a delivery software that features integrated communication to allow you to communicate efficiently with your customers while their parcel is on the go. This powerful tool will enable you to inform your customers in real-time about their delivery status and provide live updates.It will also be a good way to reassure your customers if they are worried about delivery time.

Most importantly, if an incident were to happen, whether a fall that caused some damage to your customers’ property, a missing or damaged product, your operator will be able to inform you right away by sending photos so that you can take immediate action to fix the issue. This will show your customers professionalism and tell them they can count on you.

#5 Proof of delivery

Integrated communication also works with your drivers when using delivery management software. Not only will they be able to report any incident, as we previously mentioned, but they will also have the ability to send proof of delivery so you can be sure they completed their job.

This will allow you to know if some deliveries have been missed and thus to quickly take action to make sure customers will receive their deliveries shortly and inform them of the next delivery window so that they know when they should expect to receive their parcel. Showing that you react quickly and find solutions to offer the best experience when an issue happens can help you keep a good relationship with your customers.

Now that you know the secrets to offering a great delivery experience to your customers, you might be interested in learning what features you should consider when choosing the right delivery software for your business.

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