Grocery delivery: how to offer the best experience to your customers

Grocery delivery: how to offer the best experience to your customers

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the demand for grocery deliveries has greatly increased, and businesses have adapted their services to respond to health instructions. According to Sobeys, online grocery sales rose by 241% compared to 2019, and Metro said its online grocery orders have tripled.

People ordered groceries online to avoid leaving the house, and many appreciated the convenience of at-home delivery. In fact, estimations say 20-25% of people will continue to order groceries online post-pandemic.

While supermarkets at first had a difficult time adjusting to the high demand for online groceries, more than a year after the pandemic, they have now improved their delivery service.

On the other hand, customers’ expectations of delivery service have also increased, and consequently, customers are less tolerant of delays or disturbances. If you would like to enhance your customers’ grocery delivery experience and retain them, here is some advice that will help you respond to their needs.

Communicate with your customers

To offer the best delivery experience, your staff will need to communicate with customers regarding specific instructions, if necessary. That way, if the product the customer ordered is not available, your staff can notify the customer via SMS/email and ask if they would like a replacement. Therefore, customers won’t be too disappointed when they receive their order.

Keep in mind that some customers order with a recipe in mind and may not be able to make it if they are missing an important ingredient. This is why communication is key in grocery deliveries.

Customers may also want to give your drivers instructions on how to deliver their packages (e.g., to refrain from ringing the doorbell or to leave the bags at their doorstep). These details, if taken into consideration, contribute to a seamless delivery experience.

Don’t neglect quality products

While customers order online because it’s convenient, they still expect to receive quality products. In fact, what makes customers hesitate to order online is not being able to choose the products themselves.

Therefore, your staff should pay attention while they shop and select only quality produce. Customers don’t want to receive rotten or overly ripe ingredients; they might have a negative opinion of your delivery service if they receive poor-quality food. You could also buy specific containers that help preserve the products’ freshness.

Deliver products fast

Since you are delivering something essential, food, customers may be waiting impatiently for  drivers to arrive. Some may not have anything else to eat, while others may have planned a recipe and are missing some ingredients. Customers might be looking out their windows impatiently. In other words, the faster you deliver their groceries, the better.

But how can you deliver faster without exceeding speed limits? By optimizing your routes with real-time data. Some delivery software is known for its ability to update routes according to traffic conditions and ensure drivers are always on the fastest path. A powerful route builder might save your drivers a lot of time and increase your productivity significantly.

Make sure your customers are home when you deliver their groceries

It’s not ideal to leave groceries on the doorstep or in the street where cats or squirrels can come to steal them. Imagine what your customers will say if they find their fresh products have been eaten by animals.

But how can you make sure your customers will be home when delivering their groceries? One of the most effective ways is real-time tracking as it allows customers to track their deliveries in real-time and know precisely when they should be home to receive their groceries.

This will reduce the chances of your customers being in the garden, taking a shower or listening to music when your drivers arrive. When your customers are aware of when they should expect their groceries to be delivered, they will be more likely to be ready to receive them.

Get reviews from your customers

We all know social proof is important for businesses as competition can be pretty harsh in the grocery industry. If your customers feel positively about your delivery service, their review will reassure others who might have been hesitant to shop online.

This is why some delivery software is equipped with an SMS/email review system that will request a review once the delivery is completed. This is the right moment to ask them for a review if they have been satisfied with their order as they are more likely to do it.

Record any incident in the customer’s file

Incidents can happen when delivering products. Broken eggs, wrong product delivered, leaking bags, etc. These are common incidents, and while you should make sure to limit them as much as you can, you should also record them immediately to take action quickly.

Therefore, choose a delivery software that allows your drivers to take good-quality photos directly in the app so they can store them in customers’ files. As soon as they save it, you will be informed immediately, which will allow you to react accordingly. You could notify your customers by SMS or email that you will reimburse them for the broken or missing item. This shows professionalism and will reduce the impact of a negative experience on your customers. People know that incidents happen, and they will certainly appreciate seeing that you care and that you are offering them solutions.

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