Last Mile Carrier Tracking: Mastering Delivery Management with Cigo Tracker

Track Deliveries Easily: Last Mile Carrier Tracking with Cigo


Keeping track of deliveries in the last part of their journey is very important in the quick-moving delivery business. Cigo Tracker is a top online system that makes this job easier. This piece talks about how Cigo Tracker is changing the way we track deliveries at the last step.

Cigo Tracker offers detailed solutions for problems faced by delivery companies:

Optimized Route Planning:

  1. Challenge: Helps delivery drivers get through busy city streets and traffic jams.
  2. Solution: Cigo Tracker uses smart computer programs to plan the best ways to go. This makes deliveries faster and saves on gas.

Real-Time Updates and Notifications:

  1. Challenge: Keeping customers informed about their delivery status.
  2. Solution: Gives real-time updates and sends automatic messages to let customers know where their package is, making customers happier because they're well informed.

Customizable Workflows:

  1. Challenge: Change to fit different kinds of businesses and their needs for how they work.
  2. Solution: Cigo Tracker lets companies change how the system works to match their own way of doing things.

Case Studies:

E-commerce Retailer:

  1. Background: A leading online retailer facing delays in urban deliveries.
  2. Implementation: Integration of Cigo Tracker for dynamic route optimization and customer communication.
  3. Outcome: A 20% reduction in delivery times and significant improvements in customer feedback ratings.

Healthcare Supplies Distributor:

  1. Background: A healthcare supplier needing precise delivery timings for sensitive materials.
  2. Implementation: Adoption of Cigo Tracker for real-time tracking and scheduling.
  3. Outcome: Improved how often we deliver on time, which helped us give better service and keep more customers.

Furniture Manufacturer:

  1. Background: A furniture company struggling with last-mile delivery inefficiencies.
  2. Implementation: Utilization of Cigo Tracker's customizable workflows to manage large item deliveries.
  3. Outcome: Streamlined delivery processes, resulting in cost savings and increased customer satisfaction.

Last Mile Carrier Tracking Software

Technology Innovations:

Cigo Tracker has made some new tech upgrades. It now has better maps that are easier to use. For example, there's a new quick menu at each delivery stop to help manage things better, and drivers can choose to see only the stops they still need to make. These updates show that Cigo Tracker is always working to be better and more advanced in the delivery software world.. For more details, see the November 6th, 2023 - Release Notes on Cigo Tracker's Knowledge Center.

Staff and Operations Management:

Cigo Tracker has special pages to handle staff, people who control the deliveries, vehicles, and business accounts. It comes with easy search options, signs to show status, and ways to make changes. This focus on detail shows that Cigo Tracker really gets how logistics work and wants businesses to run smoothly. Learn more about these functionalities in their Organization: Staff, Operators, Vehicles & Merchants guide.

Bios & Credentials:

Cyrille (Asim) B. Delavenne, CTO & Lead Software Developer

Background: Cyrille (Asim) B. Delavenne, who has been making logistics software for over ten years, has really helped Cigo Tracker by coming up with new ideas. Their skill in working with internet systems and making the best path-finding programs has been a big reason why Cigo Tracker works so well.

How to get Cigo Tracker ready for the best results.

Key Features

  1. Real-Time Updates & Notifications: Ensuring transparency and customer  satisfaction, Cigo Tracker offers live updates on orders. Learn more about  this feature in the Cigo Tracker Knowledge Center.
  2. Customizable Workflows: The platform's flexibility allows businesses to create     workflows tailored to their unique operational needs.
  3. Seamless Communication: Cigo Tracker enhances communication between customers and businesses, facilitating improved service delivery.
  4. Cost-Effective Management: By optimizing last-mile logistics, Cigo Tracker helps reduce costs and increase efficiency.
  5. User-Friendly Interface: Its intuitive design makes it accessible for various     industries.

Looking at bigger issues and what's new in the delivery business, not just with Cigo Tracker.

Current Challenges in Last-Mile Logistics:

  1. Urban Congestion and Timely Deliveries: Getting through busy city streets is still a tough problem. It needs smart planning for the best routes and good timing for delivering things.
  2. Rising Customer Expectations: Nowadays, customers want quick and trustworthy service. This makes delivery businesses work harder to improve how they send out packages.
  3. Environmental Impact: As more people shop online, it's becoming crucial to handle the environmental effects of deliveries, especially in cities. Companies are looking for green ways to do this to help cut down on carbon emissions.

New developments in the final step of delivering packages:

  1. Same-Day and Instant Delivery: People wanting their orders fast is changing online shopping, making companies improve how they handle deliveries.
  2. Sustainable Practices: Businesses are focusing more on being green by using electric cars and bikes for their deliveries to help the environment.
  1. Technological Innovations: More and more, companies are using data science and smart computer programs to plan better delivery routes, which helps save money and make deliveries run smoother.

Looking at how different delivery services stack up against each other:

  1. Cigo Tracker: It gives a complete online system that makes the final steps of deliveries and service work easier, making sure businesses and customers can talk to each other well. It's great because of its live updates, flexible ways of working, and smooth ways to stay in touch​​.
  2. Other Market Solutions: Although we don't have exact details to compare, it's clear that other delivery software is also working on these kinds of problems. But, they might handle tech, how customers feel, and how they affect the environment in different ways.

Cigo Tracker in the Context of Market Trends:

  1. Cigo Tracker matches what's popular now in the delivery world by giving tech tools that make planning routes, giving updates in real time, and talking to customers easy. Since it can be changed to fit different companies, it can deal with the many problems that come with the last part of delivering things​​.

Comparing with Broader Market Trends:

  1. Cigo Tracker cares a lot about giving updates right away and running smoothly, just like the bigger trend in the delivery industry. People want better customer service and work that doesn't waste time or money. With its online system, Cigo Tracker is in a good spot in the market because these days, delivery businesses really count on technology​​​​. Source

Environmental Considerations:

  1. Cigo Tracker is all about making things run well, but there's also a big push in the market to be more eco-friendly. If Cigo Tracker can make its services greener, it could do even better in the market, because customers like solutions that are good for the environment.

Optimizing Your Experience with Cigo Tracker

The Cigo Tracker Knowledge Center is a great place to learn how to get the most out of Cigo Tracker. It has simple setup instructions, detailed tutorials on how to use its features, and help for solving problems. There are also tips for best practices, success stories, and the newest updates to keep you in the loop. You can watch videos and join webinars to learn better, and there's a forum for users to talk and share feedback. No matter if you're just starting with Cigo Tracker or want to know more about it, the Knowledge Center is there to help you with every part of using this strong tool for managing deliveries.


When businesses choose Cigo Tracker to manage the last leg of their deliveries, they gain a big edge in tackling the difficult tasks that come with the logistics of today. Cigo Tracker comes loaded with a wide array of features that tackle everything from planning the best delivery routes to keeping customers in the loop about when their packages will arrive. Its user-friendly interface lets businesses shape the software to match their specific ways of doing things, which means they can work more efficiently, no matter how complex their operations might be.

Not only does Cigo Tracker help streamline the day-to-day running of deliveries, but it also puts a spotlight on customer satisfaction. With tools that give real-time updates and clear communication, customers feel more connected to the delivery process, which can lead to better reviews and repeat business.

As companies face bigger challenges, like managing a growing number of deliveries or keeping up with customer demands for faster service, Cigo Tracker's ability to adapt and evolve becomes even more valuable. It's not just about getting packages from point A to B – it's about doing it in a way that saves time, cuts costs, and protects the environment, too.

In a nutshell, investing in Cigo Tracker is more than just getting a software system; it's about embracing a solution that can grow with a business, enrich the customer's experience, and ultimately contribute to the company's success in the competitive world of logistics.

Customer Success Stories with CIGO TRACKER

5 star rating review


Health, Wellness & Fitness, Used the Software for: 1+ year

Comments: Great! Has been a big help for our shipping department.

”Great delivery management software”

5 star rating review

Health, Wellness & Fitness, Used the Software for: 1+ year

Comments: Their customer service is really incredible. Platform has been reliable no real downtimes. It always works

”Excellent platform”

5 star rating review


Health, Wellness & Fitness, Used the Software for: 1+ year

Comments: Their customer service is really incredible. Platform has been reliable no real downtimes.

”Excellent Tool with an excellent customer service”

5 star rating review


Logistics & Supply Chain, Used the Software for: 1-5 months

Amazing. We have been using Cigo for about 4 months, but we have already been very satisfied.

”Terrific software - Cigo went above and beyond.”