A Raving Fan - The Final Stop in The Last-Mile of Your Customer’s Buying Journey

A Raving Fan - The Final Stop in The Last-Mile of Your Customer’s Buying Journey

Remember the days when the only choice you had when you needed something was to leave your house?

It’s a foggy memory for most.

Today, from groceries to a new wardrobe to all new appliances, people expect their purchases delivered quickly and consistently to their doorstep, thanks to technology.

Offering a product to consumers for purchase online and having it land on their doorstep without having to leave home or talk to a human is truly magic. But today, it’s not appreciated… it’s expected from companies, both big and small!

So how do you set your company apart in a “click and collect” world where your company may never even speak to the customers you serve?  What does providing incredible personal service look like in an increasingly impersonal world? How do you create raving fans that keep buying and tell others about how great your company is?

Through technology that transforms the last-mile!

Last-mile delivery is the last stop on your customer’s buying journey and the last opportunity you have to make a lasting impression.  Leveraging the right last-mile delivery software can transform your customer’s buying experience helping you turn first-time buyers into ambassadors for your brand.

How can the right delivery software and real-time delivery tracking technology do that? You might be surprised.

Here are some of the incredible benefits of using technology to transform your last-mile.

It can…

1.  Eliminate Frustration from Vague Timelines

Real-time delivery tracking is a boon for delivery businesses and their customers. If a customer knows that the king-size bed they ordered online will be arriving in an hour, they won’t just be excited; they will be prepared.

Last-mile delivery software can provide real-time updates and an almost “gamified” interaction with your customer. Through a web app, they’ll be able to watch an icon representing their delivery truck in real-time as it progresses to their home, enjoying live updates to their stated delivery time on their phone or computer.

Real-time tracking and live SMS/Email updates ensure that the last-mile experience is delightful for the customer and efficient for you.

2. Reduce Missed Deliveries

There is only one person who hates missed deliveries more than the delivery company.

The customer.

Using manual processes, spreadsheets and Google Maps to plan deliveries is archaic, unnecessary and fraught with error. The right last-mile delivery software can automate workflows, simplify order processing, validate addresses and help plan and optimize delivery routes with ease.

So how is all THAT about the customer?

Fewer missed deliveries.

Delivery software will plan your routes and provide an easy-to-follow map for your driver.

Coupled with real-time tracking and updates, you can kiss missed deliveries goodbye and say hello to thrilled customers.

3. Provide Rapid Response To Customer Complaints

Stuff happens that we can’t control. Driver’s make wrong turns, accidents occur, and mix-ups at the warehouse are a reality.

So when mess-ups happen, how your company responds matters.

Your delivery software should make customer-to-company communication a breeze. If your customer has a bad taste in their mouth about your service, you want them to be able to contact you immediately.

Company’s that show care, concern and excellent communication over a customer’s negative experience can turn it into a positive one! Statistics show that negative reviews that do make their way online, when responded to correctly, are reversed or deleted over 30% of the time.

Two good reasons to ensure your customers stay connected to you and your company through to the last-mile delivery of your product. The right delivery software will put those tools into the palm of your customer’s hand.

4. Make You Social: Where Your Online Reputation Lives And Breathes

Interacting with customers on social media platforms is no longer a luxury; it’s more of a  necessity. Without making social media a part of your customer experience strategy, you’re missing out on one of the most powerful ways to grow your business.

Social media is like word-of-mouth advertising on steroids! Your delivery software should make it simple for your customers to share their experiences with their world.  If your company services a local area, behind every raving fan are family and friends looking for you!

Reviewing, commenting on or even tagging your company is not only free advertising but a potent tool for gaining traction in a local area,  

5. Portray The Right Brand Image

Your brand is your business.

Don’t leave your last-mile delivery service looking like a disjointed add-on to your company.

Even if you use a third-party logistics company for delivery ( 3PL), the right delivery software will offer consistent, seamless branding.

Make sure your brand flows down through every step of your customer’s buying journey and marks your last-mile delivery service as well.

Be remembered for incredible service, delivery and communication with your customers turning repeat buyers into raving fans that tell the world about the pleasure it is doing business with your company.

It all happens in the last-mile.

How are you handling the last-stop on your customer’s buying journey?


CIGO is a best-in-class, cloud-based platform to increase deliveries, service calls and pick-ups for your business, scales as you need it, and provides a state-of-the-art, “last mile” delivery experience that will thrill your customers.

CIGO simplifies complex delivery and route planning, empowers more effective client-facing and team-based communication and helps retain drivers while significantly reducing operating expenses.

Customer Success Stories with CIGO TRACKER

5 star rating review


Health, Wellness & Fitness, Used the Software for: 1+ year

Comments: Great! Has been a big help for our shipping department.

”Great delivery management software”

5 star rating review

Health, Wellness & Fitness, Used the Software for: 1+ year

Comments: Their customer service is really incredible. Platform has been reliable no real downtimes. It always works

”Excellent platform”

5 star rating review


Health, Wellness & Fitness, Used the Software for: 1+ year

Comments: Their customer service is really incredible. Platform has been reliable no real downtimes.

”Excellent Tool with an excellent customer service”

5 star rating review


Logistics & Supply Chain, Used the Software for: 1-5 months

Amazing. We have been using Cigo for about 4 months, but we have already been very satisfied.

”Terrific software - Cigo went above and beyond.”