What is last-mile delivery software?

Last-mile delivery is the last logistics step in moving a business’ product from a delivery hub to the final destination. However, last-mile delivery is often the most expensive part of the delivery process and can involve about 30% of the overall logistic costs for a typical service provider.

Unlike shipping that involves sending a large number of products to a single hub, a last-mile delivery service provider has to send a large number of small parcels to several different locations. That means far more complicated routes resulting in more “window time” or drivers on the road handling deliveries.

Have you been thinking you can’t afford last-mile delivery software and implementing it into your company?

Today, you can’t afford to. Here’s why.

Route Optimization

Delivery service software connects your dispatch to real-time data to identify new routes providing optimal route creation so your drivers can deliver more packages in less time.

Minimize the chance of your drivers encountering traffic jams or obstacles that result in delays with routes based on accurate data, not your dispatch’s best guess.

The proper delivery service software platform will adjust for weather, construction, real-time road conditions and traffic, all delivered at the click of a button. Dispatch can bulk upload orders, verify addresses automatically with the click of a button and provide drivers with an easy-to-follow map through an app on their phone.

Get rubber on the road by providing drivers with an app that reveals optimized, highlighted routes to follow.  Avoiding lengthy discussions with dispatch and drivers and make every second count getting your product to customers.

Real-time tracking will also help you keep an eye on your fleet. Gone are the days where you have to trust that your drivers are following their orders. With real-time delivery service tracking software, you’ll have visibility over your fleet at all times, identifying problem areas (or people) that are wasting time and money!

Fuel Conservation

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realize that more fuel burned on the road means less money for the bottom line.

Last-mile delivery software that finds the best route will significantly cut down on fuel costs, finding the path of least resistance for drivers to help them to deliver more packages in less time.

Watch your pennies and the dollars take care of themselves. Getting granular in your metrics and tracking gas consumption across your fleet can help you identify issues and reduce costs.

With delivery tracking software, you’ll be able to begin identifying problems with inefficient vehicles and ensure you are getting the biggest bang possible out of the dollars you are spending on fuel.

Dispatching Ease

When life gets in the way of your planning, it pays to have help getting things back on track.

When you manually plan delivery routes for drivers, it can be challenging to adjust to changes needed in real-time. When drivers call in sick or a colossal sale bombards your dispatch desk with a glut of orders, dispatch software can help your team take it all in stride.

Cloud-based delivery dispatch software that can help your team respond to changes and reroute deliveries with the click of a button will save them time and frustration. Imagine your dispatch nimbly addressing changes in the number of vehicles available, the number of drivers on shift or the number of packages scheduled, creating an optimal and realistic delivery schedule that doesn’t run the risk of overworking drivers or delaying deliveries.

That flexibility and functionality are worth its weight in gold.

Maximum Efficiency

The increasing number of customer orders and the demand for faster deliveries can place a lot of burden on last-mile delivery drivers. Higher package counts and shorter delivery windows mean drivers can be overwhelmed with unrealistic ETAs and expectations. Missed deliveries, an increased likelihood of driver accidents and stress are huge factors that contribute to plummeting job satisfaction for drivers, poor morale and produce bad service and negative reviews.

Last-mile delivery software helps ensure drivers are happy, productive and friendly, ready to be your company’s ambassador and last touch to ensure your clients have a grade-A experience with your brand.

Maximize the efficiencies of every driver in your fleet and keep them content while mitigating driver attrition and its costly consequences finding, hiring and training new drivers for your company.

Last-Mile Delivery Software - The Bottom Line

Today’s technology for last-mile delivery service providers cuts right to the bottom line by helping dispatch slash hours planning, optimizing and delivering schedules and routes to drivers. It helps get drivers on the road more quickly, empowering them to deliver more packages in less time.

Get help responding to the ever-changing dynamics that govern effective last-mile delivery, recover costs and maximizing efficiencies that will help you deliver more product to your customers and more profit to your bottom line.

Innovative, flexible and effective delivery software is more accessible than ever before. What are you waiting for? Discover the benefits to your bottom line today.


CIGO is a best-in-class, cloud-based platform to increase deliveries, service calls and pick-ups for your business, scales as you need it, and provides a state-of-the-art, “last mile” delivery experience that will thrill your customers.

CIGO simplifies complex delivery and route planning, empowers more effective client-facing and team-based communication and helps retain drivers while significantly reducing operating expenses.

Driven by innovation, an unwavering commitment to customer service, honesty and trust, CIGO delivers the best, most flexible delivery tracking software in the industry.

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