Last Mile Delivery Software: A Must For Big Boxes

For furniture retailers and their customers, last mile delivery is a vital link in their relationship.

As a retailer, it is about providing incredible service at the lowest possible cost, reducing issues and damage that plague deliveries and providing an experience for their customers that represents their brand.

For customers, it’s about up to the minute order tracking, increased visibility over their order’s progress and feeling connected to the company they’ve entrusted to dawn their doorstep and enter their home.

Though “big box” delivery presents different challenges to the company responsible for providing it, the right last mile delivery software is your key to victory..

It’s time to tear up your spreadsheets, turn off Google Maps and consider the benefits that last mile delivery software can bring to your company and your customers.

Deliver White Glove Service

It’s critical for furniture or appliance delivery companies to avoid costly mistakes like missed deliveries or damaged items during the delivery process.

Customers and companies generally prefer “white glove” service during last mile delivery, providing the delivery, unboxing, setup and removal of packaging from the customer’s home.

White glove service reduces the number of returns versus simple threshold or room delivery service. Having the opportunity to inspect and address any marks or damage on the item is key to customer satisfaction and ensuring the bought item stays with the customer.

Last-mile delivery software can help your drivers be more productive. If white-glove service hasn’t been attainable because of time constraints, get time on your side.

Customers that receive real-time updates for their order are more likely to be prepped and ready for their delivery, saving a driver’s time in the house. Saving time means more deliveries per day for your drivers. Coupled with enhanced route planning to bring greater efficiencies, offering white-glove service is closer than you think.

Optimized Routing

Large fleet or a one-person operation, quickly and efficiently planning driver routes will save you time at dispatch and en route to your customer’s door.

Delivery software can drastically reduce the time it takes to upload your orders, even automating the process altogether, and provide “click and go” route planning. Software’s ability to draw from real-time traffic conditions through integrations with online maps means route optimization doesn’t rely on the dispatcher’s knowledge, and routes can be optimized and planned with just a couple clicks of a button.

Plan a route and your driver simply open’s their app and follows the directions. It’s that simple for dispatch and drivers, and that simplicity means smooth, on-time deliveries for your customers and more time to go beyond their expectations.

More time means greater visibility over the product empowering your drivers to become your company’s eyes and ears, mitigating issues that cause costly returns.

Properly equipped drivers can set up the furniture, inspect it for imperfections, and often address them right in the setup process. Leaving the customer to unbox and move items leaves rooms for knocks and scrapes that the customer may get blamed on the company.

Unboxed items are far less likely to be returned. Ensuring quick and proper setup thrills customers (who have been waiting for weeks for the product!) and mitigates the types of issues that plague a furniture delivery company’s bottom line.

Efficient, effective routing allows drivers to be more productive. Productive drivers have time to ensure the delivery is a success and customers are thrilled with the service.

Real-Time Tracking

Customers lead busy lives and are less willing to reserve hours of their day waiting for their delivery to arrive. Today, they expect any last-mile delivery company to keep them informed of when their package is leaving the warehouse when it will come, and its progress toward arrival.

Last mile delivery software keeps your customer in the know and connected all along their buying journey. And that doesn’t just mean their order.

The right last mile delivery software will also ensure a company’s brand is in the palm of their customer’s hand, portraying a seamless, branded customer experience while providing the conveniences of mobile order tracking.

As your customer enjoys the first fruits of their purchase and basks in the afterglow of a super-smooth last-mile delivery experience, there is no better time to ask them for a review. Social proof is more important than ever for big-box delivery companies.

Purchasing furniture or an appliance typically involves visiting a store, whereas last-mile delivery is intimate and includes strangers entering a customer’s home.

Reviews that specifically address professional, timely delivery service for a company are more important than ever for helping attract the confidence of new buyers.

Last mile delivery software can help close the door on the perfect buying experience for existing customers and open the door to new ones by helping garner reviews that empower companies to reach farther online and into the newsfeeds of friends and family of satisfied customers.

Discover all the benefits of last mile delivery software for your business today.


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