How last-mile delivery tracking has enhanced the furniture delivery experience

In recent years, more and more furniture delivery services have been looking for ways to automate deliveries and provide a better experience for their customers.

A white paper study shows that 88% of furniture retailers are hoping to increase their eCommerce sales in the next five years. As a result, they are thinking about how they can improve their delivery service, as it is an essential part of the customer journey.

If this sounds like your company, then you will likely be interested in learning about last-mile delivery tracking and how it can help you retain customers and increase their satisfaction.

What is delivery live tracking and how does it work?

In order to reduce customers' anxiety as well as inbound calls to customer service representatives, furniture retailers have begun giving their customers more visibility regarding deliveries. Many retailers have decided to use delivery software with a live tracking option.

With this feature, customers will receive an SMS or email when their package is on the way, and they can track the driver in real-time. They will know how many deliveries the driver has to complete before theirs, and they will have a better idea of when they should expect their parcel. Therefore, they can plan their day accordingly.

Why is delivery live tracking more important for furniture deliveries than other types of deliveries?

Furniture delivery is usually more complicated than other types of deliveries. Most of the time, customers will have to be home to receive their packages, as they are often bigger and more expensive than regular parcels.

These deliveries might also require drivers to set the furniture in the right place. If the customer just moved, they will be even more eager to receive their order as it can include beds, kitchen appliances, a desk for work or any other furniture that is essential in their day-to-day life.

The last thing customers want is your delivery driver coming when they are not there and having to wait for them to deliver it another day. They will make sure to be there to receive it. Some people even take a day off for this purpose.

They are usually given a time slot, for example, between 1 pm and 6 pm, for when they can expect the delivery. Quite often, time slots are pretty large, forcing customers to stay home for hours and causing them to feel trapped.

Moreover, delays frequently happen with furniture deliveries. After waiting for several hours, customers will start to become impatient. They may call you to complain and ask where the driver is.

In-house delivery or 3PL delivery

According to the white paper research, the main element that 80% of furniture retailers might not be comfortable turning over to 3PL is customer service. Outsourcing the responsibility is not easy as you want to ensure your customers have the best experience possible. It is your brand that is represented, and handing this responsibility to a 3PL company might be stressful.

If you are partnering with a 3PL company for your deliveries, we highly recommend that you choose one that uses a powerful delivery software. You should also make sure you have access to the tracker and the dashboard with your own login. If you prefer to keep your operations in-house, we recommend you take a look at our blog on the top features to look for when choosing a delivery software.

The benefits of the tracking feature

Fewer inbound calls

Since your customers are able to track their deliveries in real-time, they won’t be wondering when your delivery drivers will be there. If the driver is late, they will receive a notification to inform them. Therefore, they won’t need to call you to find out what is happening with their delivery.

This could reduce inbound calls by up to 85%, leaving more time for you to improve your operations and strategy. Many furniture retailers felt like a weight had been lifted from their shoulders once they started using live tracking, as answering those calls is usually stressful and time-consuming.

More transparency

According to the white paper research, 54% of furniture retailers said offering a high level of visibility to customers is the most important attribute for a 3PL. In fact, customers are becoming more and more demanding and less tolerant towards delivery delays or disturbances. This is why showing transparency is one of the most effective ways to improve your brand's reputation.

What’s a better way to show transparency than to allow your customers to track their parcels in real time? It shows them that they can trust you as you won’t be trying to keep information from them. If there are delays or disturbances, customers will be notified directly via SMS or email.

Customers’ satisfaction improved

Offering your customers the option to track their deliveries gives them peace of mind and freedom. Customers value companies that can be transparent with them as they feel like they can trust them more. They will feel cared for and will greatly appreciate being able to plan their day ahead.

Delivery is the last part of your customers’ overall experience with your brand. It is not something that should be neglected by furniture companies as it can really have an impact on customers' return.

Even if they’re satisfied with the product, if customers experience a bad delivery, they may never buy from your company again. On the other hand, if they were impressed by your delivery service, they are more likely to return and even recommend your company to their friends.

More and more delivery companies are now using delivery software, providing an option to track deliveries. Those companies are the ones that stand out and that customers prefer. With customers’ expectations rising, furniture companies that won’t make the switch to delivery software in the next five years will most likely not survive.

More reviews on social media

If your customers are happy, you want everyone to know it. This is why some delivery software offers an SMS or email review system in order to collect more reviews from customers. If they have been able to track their deliveries and plan their day ahead, they will most likely be very happy when they receive their furniture.

This is when they will receive an SMS/email asking them for a review. It is the best moment to ask them to share their experience, as they can speak positively and won’t be frustrated. Reviews on social media are a powerful tool to attract customers as people are looking for social proof before they purchase a product.

As a matter of fact, we have clients at Cigo Tracker who have received reviews from their customers mentioning the tracker and how great it was to be able to track their deliveries.

White-labeled experience

If delivery tracking will certainly greatly improve customers’ delivery experiences, opting for a white-labeled delivery software can make you stand out from the competition. Moreover, customers like consistency and can get confused if they see the name of your 3PL partner.

Some delivery software allows you to offer this white-labeled experience by customizing all the SMS and emails that you will send to your customers, as well as the tracker, with your own logo, colors and typeface. This way, your customers are more likely to remember your brand, and it makes the whole process more consistent.

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