Six Reasons Why Your Business Needs Live-Tracking Now More Than Ever Before

Live tracking allows your customers to see exactly where their packages are at any given time, so they don’t have to guess. It can help you wow your customers in a big way long before your product gets into their hands.

Waiting sucks.

Do you know anyone… anyone at all, that loves to wait?

We wait for our partners to get ready, we wait for our popcorn to pop, we wait in line for our next iPhone or for that same phone to load a webpage for our favourite restaurant. And if it takes more than three milliseconds, we’re angry.

Waiting sucks. And frankly, none of us are getting any better at it!

With that in mind, it’s not hard to imagine that any delivery-service-based company that can make the wait for a highly anticipated item exciting is a great way to turn first-time buyers into raving fans.

That’s where real-time tracking comes in.

What if there was a way to make the delivery process something to be enjoyed, not endured? Welcome to last-mile deliveries empowered with real-time tracking.

It’s easier to do today than ever before.

Live Tracking 101

Live tracking allows your customers to see exactly where their packages are at any given time, so they don’t have to guess. It can help you wow your customers in a big way long before your product gets into their hands.

Last-mile delivery tracking is more important now than ever before.

Here’s why.

Fewer Missed Deliveries

It’s time to take the guesswork out of the delivery process and offer transparency over your customer’s package. When your customers know exactly when their package arrives, it’s easier to ensure they are there and ready to receive it!

A missed delivery is a logistics nightmare for you and means MORE waiting for your customer. Good delivery tracking software turns the pain of waiting into the pleasure of anticipation, heightening your customer’s delivery experience and giving yourself the best shot possible to get your item delivered the first time.

Improved Customer Experience

Trade a three-hour delivery window for up to the minute updates!

People today are busier than ever before. Sitting around waiting for their delivery is the last thing they want to do. They have a ton of responsibilities that require them to leave home, even when they are working from home! Live tracking allows them the convenience of arranging their day and shifting their schedule to make sure they receive their delivery on time.

Keep customers happy, informed and inspired with real-time delivery tracking software designed with your customers in mind.

Customer Retention

Offering live-tracking is more accessible and possible than ever before. It is no longer relegated to the “big guys” like Skip the Dishes or some other multi-national giant specializing in tech.

Whether you specialize in “big box” delivery with mattresses, furniture and appliances, provide last-mile delivery for eCommerce, or you are a 3PL, real-time tracking is within your reach.

Engage customers with your brand and thrill your clients by offering them real-time tracking with state-of-the-art delivery software that is easy to use.

Live delivery tracking is rapidly becoming an essential service for last-mile delivery companies and plays a critical role in providing an elevated customer experience. Bring your customers back time and time again by providing them with the convenience, experience and thrill that comes with watching their deliveries arrive in style, right from the palm of their hand.

Your brand will love you for it.

Psychological Scalability

Level the playing field.

When someone buys online from you for the first time, image is everything. Successful eCommerce transactions depend on credibility and trust. With first-time buyers, every aspect part of the purchase journey tells a story.

Your website needs to be well designed, easy to use and offer a fantastic user experience to compete. That inspires people to buy and puts a great face on your brand.

So why are you settling for anything less for your last-mile delivery?

Don’t leave your customers guessing about what’s really behind your business with a subpar delivery service that leaves folks wondering if you are the real deal.

Whether you’re serving your customers from your basement with skeleton staff or you have a whole fleet of trucks at your disposal, don’t let your last-mile delivery service leave people guessing. The right delivery software platform and real-time tracking will help your company deliver like the big guys, no matter your size.

Safety of Customer Packages

Beware of porch pirates!

Unlike the eye-patched, peg-legged pirate caricatures we’ve seen in cartoons as kids, porch pirates do exist.

Protect your bottom line and your customer’s packages by giving them up to the minute updates on their item’s arrival. With drop-and-go delivery, real-time package tracking allows customers the insight they need to get home or get a neighbour to grab their package before someone else does!

Arg Isn’t it time you considered some delivery tracking software for your company!


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