Multi Route Planner: Revolutionizing Logistics and Delivery Operations with Cigo Tracker

Multi Route Planner: Revolutionizing Logistics and Delivery Operations with Cigo Tracker

Written By: Mike Souheil, 15 years+ in last mile logistics


In the swiftly moving modern landscape, effective logistics and dispatch activities are essential for enterprises in diverse industries. The requirement for a dependable application that can manage and optimize multiple delivery paths is of paramount importance. Cigo Tracker presents a powerful option, aiding businesses in consolidating their workflows, conserving time, and diminishing expenses.

What is a Multi Route Planner?

A sophisticated application crafted to refine the planning and execution of multiple delivery paths represents a leap forward in logistics technology. This system takes into account a multitude of elements, including distances, road conditions, scheduled delivery times, and the capacity of the transport means. Through this, it ascertains the selection of the most efficient travel routes, leading to savings in both time and fuel expenditures.

The Advantages of Utilizing Cigo Tracker's Path Optimization Application

Increased Efficiency and Time Savings

Cigo Tracker's path optimization application employs sophisticated algorithms to determine the most effective travel routes. This not only conserves time spent driving but also facilitates a higher volume of dispatches within a reduced timeframe, substantially elevating productivity.

Cost Reduction

Fuel costs are a significant expense in delivery operations. By optimizing routes, Cigo Tracker helps in reducing the distance traveled, leading to substantial fuel savings and lower overall operational costs.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Timely deliveries are crucial for customer satisfaction. Cigo Tracker ensures that routes are optimized for quick delivery, enhancing the customer experience and building brand loyalty.

Easy Scalability

As enterprises expand, the complexity of their logistical needs also escalates. Cigo Tracker's path optimization application capably scales to encompass a growing tally of paths and dispatches, rendering it an optimal solution for blossoming businesses.

Real-Time Adjustments

The dynamic nature of delivery operations requires flexibility. Cigo Tracker allows for real-time adjustments to routes, accommodating last-minute changes and ensuring that the delivery process remains uninterrupted.


These platforms optimize delivery routes and schedules, significantly reducing time and costs. Real-time tracking and accurate delivery estimates improve customer satisfaction. As e-commerce grows, these platforms scale up accordingly, providing valuable analytics for better decision-making.

Food Delivery:

Speed is critical in food delivery, and last-mile logistics ensure faster, more efficient delivery. They adapt to real-time conditions, keep customers updated, and gather feedback, all while reducing operational costs.

Courier Services:

They increase delivery capacities and ensure parcel security through real-time tracking. Automated dispatch and flexible delivery options enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction. Detailed performance reports aid in strategic planning.

Field Services:

These platforms optimize scheduling and routing for field technicians, increasing productivity. Real-time updates improve transparency with customers, and integration with inventory systems ensures technicians are well-equipped.

Applications Across Industries

UPS and ORION (On-Road Integrated Optimization and Navigation):

UPS implemented ORION, a multi route planning system, to optimize delivery routes. This system analyzes numerous data points to provide UPS drivers with the most efficient routes, considering factors like traffic, weather, and delivery windows. This technology has significantly improved UPS's operational efficiency, leading to reduced fuel consumption and enhanced customer satisfaction. More on UPS's ORION system can be found here.

DHL's Green Last Mile:

DHL has focused on making their last mile logistics more sustainable. They have implemented electric vehicles and bicycles for deliveries in urban areas, significantly reducing carbon emissions. DHL's approach to last mile logistics not only benefits the environment but also improves their efficiency and brand image. Learn more about DHL's green initiatives here.

FedEx and SenseAware:

FedEx developed SenseAware, a multi-sensor technology, to provide real-time tracking and condition monitoring for sensitive shipments. This innovation enhances customer experience by offering transparency and control over the shipping process, which is crucial for last mile delivery of critical items like medical supplies. Further details are available here.

Amazon's Last Mile Delivery Network:

Amazon has revolutionized last mile logistics by creating a vast network of delivery partners and advanced technology systems. Their focus on customer experience and fast delivery has set new standards in the e-commerce industry. The integration of multi route planning tools and local delivery hubs has enabled Amazon to optimize deliveries efficiently. Explore more about Amazon's logistics here.

Walmart's Omnichannel Approach:

Article can be found here

In the constantly advancing field of logistics and delivery services, retailers and enterprises are realizing the importance of adopting cutting-edge technologies to refine their offerings and satisfy customer needs. Here, path optimization applications play a transformative role, reshaping the sector by fine-tuning delivery paths and markedly boosting service effectiveness. While Wal-Mart's case study isn't directly tied to Cigo Tracker, it acts as a beacon, illustrating how the adoption of a path optimization application can drive major advances in logistical processes.

Cigo Tracker offers a platform featuring a powerful path optimization application poised to elevate logistics and delivery services. Utilizing this robust tool, companies can refine their delivery pathways, cutting down on the time and resources required to deliver goods efficiently to clientele. The result is a smoother, swifter, and more economical dispatch process that satisfies customers and secures a market edge.

Just as Wal-Mart leads with pioneering service integration, adopting path planners like Cigo Tracker allows businesses to provide a coherent and integrated purchasing journey, which is becoming increasingly important as digital and in-store experiences converge. Cigo Tracker's technology ensures that the transition from online ordering to physical delivery is as streamlined and customer-centric as possible.

Retailers aiming to keep pace with shifts in consumer preferences, similar to Wal-Mart's omni-channel strategies and geo-fencing enhancements for superior service delivery, will find Cigo Tracker's application stands ready. It equips businesses with capabilities for real-time monitoring, route fine-tuning, and customizable delivery times—all contributing factors to a hassle-free and personalized customer journey.

For enterprises seeking to revamp their logistics and follow in Wal-Mart's footsteps of innovation, Cigo Tracker's tool emerges as an indispensable asset. Its introduction to delivery operations can significantly uplift efficiency, amplify customer satisfaction, and slash operational costs—mirroring Wal-Mart's reshaping of the shopper's experience.

Embracing Cigo Tracker's application allows businesses to stay pertinent in a market that demands connectivity and convenience. By adopting such sophisticated logistical technologies, they can fulfil contemporary consumers' desires for a seamless synthesis of speed, convenience, and dependability—a winning formula to maintain a competitive edge as the fusion of real-world and digital retail continues to gain momentum.


Cigo Tracker's path optimization application stands as an indispensable resource for companies aiming to boost their dispatch efficiency, cut expenses, and hike customer contentment levels. Harnessing this potent technology enables businesses to maintain a lead in the competitive realm of logistics and delivery operations.

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Health, Wellness & Fitness, Used the Software for: 1+ year

Comments: Great! Has been a big help for our shipping department.

”Great delivery management software”

5 star rating review

Health, Wellness & Fitness, Used the Software for: 1+ year

Comments: Their customer service is really incredible. Platform has been reliable no real downtimes. It always works

”Excellent platform”

5 star rating review


Health, Wellness & Fitness, Used the Software for: 1+ year

Comments: Their customer service is really incredible. Platform has been reliable no real downtimes.

”Excellent Tool with an excellent customer service”

5 star rating review


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Amazing. We have been using Cigo for about 4 months, but we have already been very satisfied.

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