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Empower your Operators.

Our versatile iOS and Android delivery app makes navigating on the road and logging incidents easy and fast. With a full offline mode, your drivers will never experience downtime.

Zero Downtime For Your Operators

With features to cover and enhance every industry, Cigo is an ideal solution to increase productivity with your operators.
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Minimize Downtime

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Reward Performance

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Clear Communication

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Easy Navigation

Navigate operators to each location throughout the day using real-time data for optimal routes and reduced road time.

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Optimal Staging & Picking

Easy to manage pick-lists updated in real time. Operators and staff can stage and pick efficiently.

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Log Payments

Log partial or complete payments of a delivery or service and save to the customer profile for easy reference.

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Report incidents

Snap photos in-app and log incidents including damages and in-completes automatically saved to a customer profile.

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Proof of Delivery

Drastically reduce costs by automating last-mile processes and eliminating barriers to communication.

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Full Offline Mode

Keep your customers in the loop throughout the entire delivery process using Cigo to automate live updates as the day progresses.

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Increase in customer reviews online.

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Reduction in customers missing delivery windows.

Discover the difference Cigo will make on your delivery operations

It's time to gain full control of your customer's delivery experience.