Post-purchase series #2: how to offer a personalized post-purchase experience

Post-purchase series #2: how to offer a personalized post-purchase experience

Why is it important to personalize your service for customers

Customers want to feel as though they are being cared for. They expect a personalized experience based on their needs. Companies that fail to identify various consumer needs and neglect to adapt their services to each customer have fewer chances of survival than companies that do.

This doesn’t mean you should know every single need of each single customer, but there are many ways to offer a more personalized experience to your customers to show them how attentive you are. You might have people more likely to buy certain products than others, and you could target them depending on the category they're in.

In the pre-purchase experience, your efforts will attract new customers and spark an interest in your products. However, when it's about making customers return and increasing loyalty, you should focus your efforts on the post-purchase customer experience. Here are some things you can do to personalize the experience:

Send them post-purchase emails

Communicating with your customers once they place an order is key, as they may be experiencing anxiety while they await their package. While it is essential to send them an email or SMS to keep them updated about their delivery status, you may also want to send them some personalized advice in order to keep them excited about their purchase.

Waiting for an order to be delivered can be very frustrating for a customer. The longer they wait, the more annoyed they will be, making their delivery experience negative. This is why it is important to relieve their anxiety and maintain a positive brand image with some useful and entertaining content.

A follow-up email could offer advice and tips about the product they ordered. For example, if the customer ordered a new couch, you might want to send them a guide that explains how to wash the couch if they spill wine on it, how to style it with different colored pillows, or how to arrange the room in order to maximize the living space.

Send them suggestions for future purchases

Later on, you could send emails suggesting other products that would complement the one they just ordered. For example, if you’re a furniture company, you might want to show customers what carpet or coffee table would go well with their brand new couch.

You could also let them know when there is a promotion for the products you know they like. For example, if a customer frequently orders the same coffee brand, send them an email or SMS alerting them of the discount.

Have you heard of the term “replenishment email”? This is the kind of email that could increase repeat purchases and potentially create a purchasing habit. If you’re selling something that will be bought on a regular basis, such as coffee, you could get your customers to purchase it again by making it very easy for them to order.

Offer them support

Depending on the product, customers might be looking for more information about their order and be concerned about specific details. For example, how they are going to install it. They may require technical support for complex products. Make sure you have a dedicated team that can give them the support they need and answer their questions.

Offering support to customers even after they’ve received the product can make a big difference and make you stand out from the competition. Customers will appreciate your consideration of their needs and your desire to assist them, making your brand seem more human and devoted.

At Cigo Tracker, one of the best compliments we’ve received is how available and dedicated we are to our customers. We know they rely on us heavily for their deliveries, and we take this responsibility seriously. We intend to always be available to answer questions, fix issues, and ensure our customers' operations run smoothly. Our customers are appreciative of this.

Post-purchase customer service

Contrary to customer support, customer service will assist customers with everything non-technical, such as billing, delivery service, exchanges, and returns. It is important to have a team that will be able to answer customers’ questions.

Billing. Things should be made easy and, more importantly, clear when it comes to payment. If customers have a promo code, the option to register it should be visible and simple. They should also receive a bill via email or SMS right after the purchase. If, for some reason, customers have some trouble purchasing or receiving their invoice, they should be able to talk to someone from your team that will fix the issue for them.

Delivery. If you don’t have a delivery software with the option of live tracking, your customers might call to inquire about the status of their delivery. This is why we recommend you select delivery software that allows customers to track deliveries in real time. This can reduce the number of inbound calls by up to 93% and show more transparency.

Exchange and return policy. In the previous blog post, we talked about the importance of having a clear and simple return policy so that customers feel less anxious about buying online. If customers experience an issue with their order, either because it doesn’t match their expectations or because it is the wrong item, your team should be able to guide them if they wish to return the product.

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Health, Wellness & Fitness, Used the Software for: 1+ year

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5 star rating review

Health, Wellness & Fitness, Used the Software for: 1+ year

Comments: Their customer service is really incredible. Platform has been reliable no real downtimes. It always works

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5 star rating review


Health, Wellness & Fitness, Used the Software for: 1+ year

Comments: Their customer service is really incredible. Platform has been reliable no real downtimes.

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