Pharmacies: Why prescription delivery is essential in 2021

Pharmacies: Why prescription delivery is essential in 2021

While the pandemic has greatly escalated online shopping, it has also increased the need for customers’ convenience. Now more than ever, people have gotten used to having their orders delivered at home, and companies are putting more effort into providing a seamless delivery experience.

With telehealth and public health instructions, pharmacies have adapted rapidly by offering prescription deliveries, a new method that has proven to be very successful. Patients have been convinced by this new way of obtaining their prescriptions, and those who’ve used it will likely not buy their prescription from a site in the future. Pharmacies that haven’t switched to prescription delivery may be forced to make the change if they want to survive in the coming years.

But why is prescription delivery essential for pharmacies, and what benefits does it bring? How can your pharmacy offer the best and safest delivery experience to patients? This is what we will discuss in this article.

Why should you deliver prescriptions?

If your pharmacy doesn’t offer prescription delivery, you may want to seriously consider it if you don’t want to be left behind. Many pharmacies made the move to prescription delivery in 2020, and the ones that aren’t doing it might not survive in the coming years. Prescription delivery is a must, and here are some of the reasons why:

Convenience for patients

In a world where pretty much everything can be delivered, patients expect to be able to receive their medications at home. Whether it is inconvenient for them, or they are too sick to leave the house, people don’t want to wait in line at the pharmacy.

If they have the choice between going to a pharmacy and having their prescription delivered to their home, patients likely won’t hesitate to choose the latter.

Getting prescriptions is not like shopping; people don’t need to see the product before they buy it as they don’t have other choices apart from the drug prescribed by their doctor. Therefore, going to the pharmacy to pick it up doesn’t really make a difference. This is why they will usually prefer to have products delivered to them.

Safe staff and working conditions

Prescription delivery also means fewer sick people in your pharmacy, which is a considerable advantage, especially with COVID-19 still being a risk. Then, you have a lower risk of people contaminating each other, and your staff will feel safer and have more time for consultation.

Keep an advantage over your competitors

In order to stay competitive, but more importantly, to survive, you need to at least equal what your competitors do. With more and more pharmacies delivering prescriptions, you will have to do the same in order to not be left behind.

If you wish to go further and stand out from your competitors, look at the tools that will help you provide a seamless and outstanding delivery experience while doing it safely. This is what we are going to present in this blog.

Fewer forgotten doses

Buying medication is necessary, but it’s certainly not something patients enjoy doing. As a result, some people may pick up their prescriptions a few days or weeks later than they were supposed to. They might think, “I’ll drop by the pharmacy today or tomorrow,” and then forget later in the day.

With prescription delivery, it is very simple: patients can call at anytime to order their medication and not have to think about it again until they’ve received it.

Early recovery

When your patients don’t have to leave the house to get their prescriptions, they can rest and recover. Some people live in remote areas and may not feel up to driving to get their medication if they are sick. Some people work long days and have a busy schedule.

Allowing patients to have their prescriptions delivered at home will ease their recovery and accommodate them.

How to offer a seamless prescription delivery experience:

Are you worried that a prescription will get mixed up and won’t be delivered to the right person? We completely understand this concern. As a pharmacist, you have an important responsibility when delivering prescriptions.

This is why some delivery software offers specific features that will allow you to make sure that each prescription has been delivered to the right person. Here’s how software can ensure safe and effective delivery:

Tracking option

Choose a delivery software that has a tracking feature. This will allow you to track your drivers in real-time and communicate with them if they need instructions. Your patients will also be able to track the drivers and will receive live updates about their delivery, which will likely reduce the number of outbound calls you receive. Therefore, your staff won’t be interrupted every five minutes to answer a call about a late delivery and can work efficiently and productively.

Proof of delivery

When selecting a delivery software, look for one that allows you to generate a proof of delivery. That way, you can ensure your prescriptions are delivered to the right person, as proof of delivery will be recorded in the patient's file.

Your patients will have to sign once they receive their prescription, and the driver can also take a photo to prove the prescription was delivered. All the information will be kept in the software so that you can access it anytime.

It is a good way to keep track of your patient prescriptions, and it makes it very easy to quickly check in case you have a doubt that your patient got the prescription or not.

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