How to Land More Clients as a Third-Party Logistics Provider

How to Land More Clients as a Third-Party Logistics Provider

As a third-party logistics company, your clients expect you to deliver their orders on time, accurately, and efficiently. More than just a successful delivery, As a 3PL, you become an extension of your clients and your level of professionalism and service has a direct impact on how their customers perceive their brand.

With so much riding on successful and efficient delivery as a 3PL, many delivery service providers turn to software to help them provide the service level their clients demand, and customers deserve. And in doing so, many are finding the key to thrilling their existing clients and attracting new ones, all while gaining efficiencies that directly impact their bottom line.

So if you’re a 3PL, it’s time you looked at the benefits of utilizing last-mile delivery software for your company to serve your clients better, gain traction in your market and put more dollars in your pocket.

Here are some of the benefits that using 3PL delivery software can provide you and help you land more clients.

Real-Time Tracking

Today delivery customers don’t want to wait for their items for hours, not knowing when they will arrive. They’re busy. So why not harness the power of technology to serve your clients better while thrilling their customers awaiting delivery?

Imagine offering your clients technology that provides their customers real-time tracking of their delivery, right from their computer or smartphone? Their customers will love the visibility over their delivery leaving a lasting impression for your clients brand!

Delivery visibility and tracking software will keep delivery customers in the know ensuring they’re prepared to receive their items, keeping your drivers on schedule, cutting down on missed deliveries and return trips.

At the same time, your clients will be provided with visibility and insight over the delivery schedule with up-to-the-minute updates to help their teams answer customer inquiries right from head office. With your 3PL providing features and benefits like this to your clients you can practically kiss attrition goodbye.

Take your 3PL’s business to the next level by utilizing technology to benefit your clients from real-time tracking. Help them “wow“ their customers, watch your delivery success rate skyrocket, and help strengthen the brands of your clients to keep them a client forever..

Real-Time Route Planning and Address Validation

Thanks to third-party logistic delivery software, automating every aspect of your delivery operation just got easier.

With automated route planning, businesses can match orders with the right driver and vehicle quickly and easily.. Dispatch has the power to determine which routes have the least number of obstacles and show the quickest and most efficient path to a customer’s door in just a few clicks. Real-time address validation reduces missed or delayed deliveries and helps ensure your fleet delivers as many items per route, per day, as possible.

Reduce window time, maximize fleet resources, eliminate the issues that nag drivers and delay deliveries with last-mile delivery software that makes route optimization a breeze.

Customizable Billing, Reports and Branding

Every client you have is unique.

Some prefer to be billed by the kilometre or mile, some by item delivered. With the right 3PL delivery software platform, you can offer the flexibility your clients need without a ton of extra work.

Fleet tracking and flexible reporting mean producing data that is meaningful to your clients and fits their processes. Say goodbye to one-size-fits invoicing that can restrict growth and frustrate clients.

The right last-mile delivery software platform can provide each of your clients with an account that gives them access to real-time delivery reporting, data and insights, and can be white-labelled to fit your clients’ brand for continuity with customers.

Flexibility like this is fantastic for clients helping you expand your service offering into industries that have been previously out of reach and scale your operations to serve your clients, and more clients, without a ton of extra work.

Data Insights - A Key to Growing Your 3PL Business

With last-mile delivery companies, minutes mean money.

Streamlining your logistic processes through intelligent software can help you identify issues, find efficiencies and increase the bottom line.

Tracking driver effectiveness, fuel consumption route quality and delivery details right down to the minute means being able to identify cost-savings for your bottom line or to pass on to your clients.

Imagine maintaining your margins AND lowering your rates for a significant competitive advantage in your industry. With the proper tracking and data, growth is right around the corner.

Delivery software can also help you garner feedback from customers that help you assess drivers, reward them fairly, bonus them for outstanding achievements or address issues through training.

As a 3PL, your drivers are your lifeblood, and attrition is deadly. Customer insights are vital for knowing how your drivers are doing, and the right last-mile delivery software makes getting feedback easier than ever before.

And with online reviews worth their weight in gold for any company, the right last-mile delivery software helps you accumulate reviews for your clients, boost their online reputation and becomes a metric that reveals your true value as their 3PL partner.

As a value add to your service, start attracting new clients by showing them using how you’ll create raving fans with your delivery and help boost their reputation online through the technology you provide.

Thrill Clients and Win New Ones

3PL delivery software can help your company manage and grow your fleet, deliver more items, and provide unparalleled insights, access and service to your clients, no matter the industry

Choosing the right last-mile delivery software solution can help your business identify efficiencies, provide data and tracking to your clients and their customers, and puts features your clients will love in the palm of their hands.

You are in the delivery business, and there is software that can make attracting and retaining new clients more manageable than ever before.

So with last-mile delivery software having the power to transform your business and the businesses your serve, it’s time to ask yourself the proverbial delivery question...

What are you waiting for?


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