White-Glove Delivery - How to Stand Out in a Faceless E-commerce Market

Since Covid, the delivery industry has become more competitive than ever, with more and more e-commerce customers demanding an exceptional, quick and transparent delivery service.

Since Covid, the delivery industry has become more competitive than ever, with more and more e-commerce customers demanding an exceptional, quick and transparent delivery service.

Welcome to last-mile delivery’s “new normal.”

With this prevailing precedent driving consumer expectations today and well into the future, delivery service providers that don’t rise to the occasion to meet this new standard post-pandemic are at risk of losing customers and market share.

Que “white glove delivery” to help set your company apart from your competition, wow your customers, and secure your reputation as a leading-edge last-mile delivery service provider.

What is White-Glove Delivery Service?

White glove delivery service is the delivery, unpacking, placing and setting up of the delivery item, requires a high level of customer/driver interaction, culminates in removing packaging and, in some cases, even the old appliance piece of furniture.

White-glove delivery provides an exceptionally high quality of service that many last-mile delivery service providers struggle to attain. It places a significant emphasis on delivery transparency and customer relations conducted solely by delivery drivers.

White glove delivery is a prestigious service to provide for any delivery company or 3PL hired to make the last mile delivery experience exceptional for their customers and the companies they serve.

Are you thinking that offering exceptional white-glove delivery might be a stretch for your company? Are you struggling with how your fleet of drivers or 3PL can deliver a superior customer experience all on their own?

With the right tools, it’s easier than you think.

Join the growing ranks of companies leaping into white-glove delivery to stand out against their competition and wow their customers.

But as you do, here are a couple of things you might want to consider.

Improving Visibility for Customers

Customers today want more control over the delivery of their package. Not only do they want to know the day and time when their package is to arrive, but they also want total visibility to track their item every step of the way.

Clients that can see their package on its way aren’t calling the head office or your driver for updates every few minutes and are ready for their driver and the delivery. That’s key to providing white-glove delivery services.

With so much time and attention invested with each client unpacking, placing, setting up and removing packaging and items, an unprepared client means jeopardizing every single delivery that happens on your delivery schedule at every stop down the list.

Last-mile delivery software provides real-time customer delivery tracking allowing customers to track their package from warehouse to doorstep, ensuring they are available to accept delivery when the truck arrives. That goes a long way to keeping your fleet on time and delivering exceptional service all down the delivery line.

Getting Customer Feedback

Entrusting delivery drivers or 3PLs to provide exceptional white-glove delivery service makes many companies nervous.

These are legitimate concerns for any company that provides delivery, but more so for companies that strive to deliver white-glove delivery considering the number of opportunities for things to go wrong.

Delivery tracking software that allows customers to provide feedback to the company in real-time can alleviate many of these concerns.

Savvy companies understand that providing exceptional customer service isn’t as easy as just making sure nothing ever goes wrong.

That’s impossible.

Excellent service also means ensuring that customers can provide immediate feedback, questions or concerns with the appropriate people in the company and have those concerns addressed in a timely manner.

And when your drivers do blow your customers away with fantastic service, there is no better time for them to leave a review!

Positive online reviews tell the world you can handle their business and are crucial in building credibility and trust.

Driver reviews help you reward great people and provide incentives to increase driver satisfaction and retention to fuel a culture of excellent service.

The right last-mile delivery software can help you do it all!

So How to Stand Out in a Faceless eCommerce Market?

Offering white-glove delivery service will wow your customers, get them talking about you online and allow you to provide last-mile delivery services that’ll get you noticed.

Exceed your customers’ delivery demands and stand out in the crowd with white-glove delivery empowered by last-mile delivery tracking software.

After putting real-time tracking and excellent customer communication into your customers’ hands, there will only be one thing left to do.


You’re about to get noticed for outstanding delivery.


CIGO is a best-in-class, cloud-based platform to increase deliveries, service calls and pick-ups for your business, scales as you need it, and provides a state-of-the-art, “last mile” delivery experience that will thrill your customers.

CIGO simplifies complex delivery and route planning, empowers more effective client-facing and team-based communication and helps retain drivers while significantly reducing operating expenses.

Driven by innovation, an unwavering commitment to customer service, honesty and trust, CIGO delivers the best, most flexible delivery tracking software in the industry.

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