About us
What is Cigo?

Cigo Tracker is a Cloud-based service tailored for enterprise logistics, last-mile routing and delivery management.

Our platform empowers businesses with a feature rich solution that focuses on customer satisfaction and provides industry leading logistic tools.

Our Mission

We want every consumer to have a pleasant delivery experience.

Our focus is defined; we dedicate our constant attention, relentless effort, and dedication to the businesses that use our platform.

We aim to seamlessly integrate our solution into their current internal processes, cut down their operational costs and facilitate their delivery management in a hassle-free process.

Our Team

Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, we are a young and diversified team that wants to disrupt the last mile delivery industry.

Every member of our team shares our passion and dedication to ensure that the end customer has a pleasant delivery experience.

We aim to establish long term partnerships with the companies that engage in our platform.


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