The new standard in last mile delivery management.

An innovative cloud solution to increase deliveries, service calls or pick-ups, scale efficiently and provide your customers with a perfect last mile delivery experience.
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delivery management solution

Delivery Route Management at Your Fingertips

With our feature rich delivery software, you can dispatch, optimize, report and fully control your customer's last mile delivery experience.
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Operational success rate all over the globe


Retailers and 3PLs rely on our delivery software


Platform availability within SLA


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How Cigo Tracker streamlines your Last Mile delivery operations


1. Push your orders

Add your orders and their items into our delivery software.


2. Plan your routes

Effectively manage your fleet and quickly dispatch your orders.


3. Watch the magic unfold

As your fulfillment teams work, you and your customers are always up-to-date.

customer delivery experience

Enhance Customer's Delivery Experience

Give your customers an amazing delivery experience, keep them in the loop with real time SMS and Email delivery tracking as well as a seamless review process.

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delivery operations

Empower your operators

A full online and offline mode means zero downtime and maximum communication for your delivery drivers on the road using our iOS or Android app.

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offline mode for operators
last mile delivery operation

Smooth Integration

Integrate with any platform, reducing manual tasks and cutting inefficiencies throughout your entire last-mile delivery operation.

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delivery software enterprise support

Entreprise Level Support

Via our ticketing system, our aftercare enterprise support is of the highest quality available.

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delivery software for enterprise
multi level reporting

Multi-Level Reporting

Cigo's powerful reporting feature, allows you to view the most important data from your delivery operation from the highest level down to individual locations.

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cigo pay illustration

Discover Cigo Pay

Cigo Pay is a platform that empowers your drivers to earn more by allowing customers to tip digitally easily and securely.

cigo pay driver tips

Discover the difference Cigo will make on your delivery operations

It's time to gain full control of your customer's delivery experience.