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Manage, bill, optimize your clients requests and scale your logistics.

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Manage Unlimited Merchant Requests

White Label Web Portal For Orders

Multi-Level Delivery & Performance Reporting

Why choose Cigo?

Cigo has 100+ features.
Here are just a few we know you'll like.

Manage Unlimited Merchants Orders

Manage all your merchants orders in one place. Your merchants' customers will benefit from all of Cigo's powerful features.

Unrivalled edge over your competition by offering new and existing merchants a plug and play system.

White Label Web Portal

Offer your merchants to have their tracking designed with their logo and design for a fully branded experience.

Upload their brand’s images in just a few clicks in their dashboard and customize their web portal.

Detailed Reporting For Billing

Bill merchants with transparency and ease based on their individual preferences using our detailed reporting tool.

Transparency is critical in billing merchants and retaining clients.

Live SMS/Email Customer Tracking

Offer the best delivery experience to your merchants customers and reduce missed deliveries thanks to live delivery tracking.

This feature will also reduce the number of inbound calls your customers receive.

Online & Offline Mode

Deliver everywhere, even in remote locations, thanks to our offline mode that allows your drivers to keep using the app anytime.

Dynamic Routing & Dispatching

Increase your staff’s productivity with our intelligent delivery route software. Create complex routes in only a few seconds and let the system dispatch orders efficiently.

Cigo allows you to save time thanks to delivery route optimization using historical data.

Discover the difference Cigo will make on your delivery operations

It's time to gain full control of your customer's delivery experience.