Last Mile Delivery Software: Which Criteria to Look For

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Drawing the future of delivery: conceptualizing logistics with final mile tracking technology at your fingertips.

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Today, most last mile eCommerce deliveries in the US are conducted by “last-minute” delivery companies like UPS, USPS, or FedEx. Some reports suggest that these companies can account for up to 95% of all eCommerce orders in the United States. Is that who you’ve been relying on? Since the pandemic erupted, companies worldwide reported significant […]

Today, most last mile eCommerce deliveries in the US are conducted by “last-minute” delivery companies like UPS, USPS, or FedEx. Some reports suggest that these companies can account for up to 95% of all eCommerce orders in the United States.

Is that who you’ve been relying on?

Since the pandemic erupted, companies worldwide reported significant disruptions to their supply chain, proving that cost-effective, reliable and efficient last mile delivery services are more vital than ever.

This trend won’t change anytime soon.

Today, companies that handle their deliveries or rely on third-party logistics (3PL) companies to service them must find ways to leverage technology to stay on top of their deliveries and ahead of the competition.

To do that, here are some significant trends to watch for that are affecting last mile delivery services in 2021.

Contactless Delivery

Due to the pandemic, more and more people prefer contactless delivery when ordering their goods.

According to a recent Salesforce study, nearly half of American consumers turn to contactless delivery to minimize their exposure. Delivery companies must find ways to ensure employee and customer safety while providing excellent customer service.

More companies than ever before are turning to technology to address these new customer expectations’ growing demands.

Large and small organizations in every industry turn to cloud-based delivery software platforms designed to simplify complex route planning, facilitate communication between company and client and provide tools for drivers to fulfill “proof of delivery” responsibilities.

Customer-Centric Delivery Experiences

The days of waiting for a delivery driver to arrive within a three to four-hour window are gone.

Today, customers expect their time to be valued and understand that technology should keep them more informed about every stage in the delivery process.

They want visibility into their package’s journey right to their doorstep and up to the minute updates of their parcel’s arrival at the door.

Alongside the obvious functional benefits of providing clients with this real-time data, providing it to them in a “fashionable” or well-designed, branded interface helps build brand equity and differentiate a company from its competitors.

With its usage in the food delivery business currently, it won’t be long before every customer demands this service for any product shipped to their door.

Innovative companies that invest in real-time shipment tracking or delivery software that keeps their customers updated in this functional and fashionable way will do well, proving they are committed to excellent customer service and on-time delivery.

Quicker Order Fulfillment

Convenience is king, and people want their deliveries right away.

Reports show that Millennials are willing to pay more money for same-day guaranteed deliveries than traditional “buy and wait” delivery services.

Companies that can fulfill last-mile delivery service the same day by simplifying the order upload, route planning and dispatch process immediately and flawlessly stand to gain incredible traction in their local market.

Same-day delivery has become a benchmark for customer service, and technology helps companies worldwide hit it.

The right delivery service software will seamlessly integrate with existing business systems, streamline the “order to delivery” process and be flexible enough to adapt to an ever-changing business’s needs.

It is the tool most companies need to provide this new level of service.

Real-time data and reporting along with easy-to-use but powerful features should help companies deliver more orders more quickly while at the same time reducing labour costs.

Coupled with increased communication between dispatch, drivers and customers looking for insight on their delivery, the right delivery service software can transform a company’s ability to meet rising customer demand while improving the work environment and the bottom line at the same time.

Automation Automation Automation

Let technology do the work for you.

With “ease of integration” a primary goal in today’s software development environment finding a robust, feature-rich platform with well-documented APIs to help connect to other business systems to automate your workflows is easier than ever.

Couple your processes with the right delivery service software platform, and watch your productivity skyrocket while your operating expenses subside.

Keeping up with the increasing demands of your customer’s expectations and orders with old-school approaches and manual processes isn’t going to cut it in 2021. There is no excuse anymore.

Delivery service software is easier to integrate and use than ever before. It can drastically increase efficiencies while reducing workload, providing better visibility into supply chain issues with deliveries and other vital business areas.

eCommerce has changed the face of purchasing, and automation should flow from the purchase portal on the website through fulfillment, all the way to the customer’s doorstep.

The right technology can help you do it.

The Wrap Up

Since the pandemic, last-mile delivery businesses have been clamouring to become more flexible and innovative to meet their customer’s growing demands.

Companies that can choose the right technology will effectively meet their customers’ demands, improve communication across the last mile of service and gain a competitive advantage.

Technologies, such as last-mile delivery software platforms, have become critical in helping companies reduce workload and operating costs while thrilling customers and helping the company stay competitive in their prospective niche.


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