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Manage your furniture deliveries seamlessly, using Cigo to scale and grow.
log proof of delivery in-app

Log Proof of Delivery In-App

customer review delivery

SMS/Email Tracking & Customer Reviews

delivery inbound calls

85% Reduction of Inbound Calls

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Cigo has 100+ features.
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dynamic routing and dispatch

Dynamic Routing & Dispatch

Create delivery routes in just a few clicks and let our delivery routing software dispatch your orders and optimize routes for you.Cigo automates ETA calculations considering traffic conditions and time on site for each item, product and service fulfilled.

proof of delivery

Online & Offline Mode

Our iOS and Android app is fully functional both online & offline.

In areas where coverage is poor, this can be critical.

dynamic routing and dispatch

Easy SMS/Email review system

Shine a light on your customer experience with our automated SMS & email reviews, sent upon delivery.

Organically grow your online presence and respond to negative experiences instantly.

dynamic routing and dispatch

Live SMS/Email Customer Tracking

Reduce inbound calls by up to 85%.

Avoid missed delivery and install windows by giving your customers live SMS & email tracking.

dynamic routing and dispatch

Detailed Reporting

Use Cigo's detailed reporting tool to bill your customers according to their preferences.

This feature allows to show transparency and make payment easier.

proof of delivery

Report Damages & Capture Proof of Delivery

Through our mobile app, your operators can log incidents, and photograph finished deliveries for easy future reference.

All of this information will be kept in the customers’ profiles so you can access it anytime.

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