Heavy Equipment Tracking

With our platform, ensure timely, efficient, and accurate delivery of essential construction goods, directly impacting project timelines and productivity.

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Enhancing Customer Satisfaction

Boost customer satisfaction in the construction and hardware industry with Cigo Tracker.

Our platform ensures timely and accurate deliveries, critical for keeping projects on schedule and reducing any potential downtime.

Delivery Assurance

Seamless Proof of Delivery

Ensure every delivery is documented with our seamless Proof of Delivery feature. It’s designed to provide you and your clients with peace of mind, knowing that materials and equipment arrive as expected.

This simple yet powerful tool strengthens trust, streamlines billing, and supports project timelines.


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Transport Precision

Optimized Equipment Transport

Ensure your heavy equipment is moved efficiently with optimized transport routes. Cigo Tracker takes into account size, weight, and delivery windows to plot the best path, saving time and fuel costs.

Dynamic Scheduling

Meet critical project deadlines with dynamic scheduling. Adjust delivery plans in real-time to adapt to project changes, ensuring materials and equipment are always available when your team needs them.

Safety and Compliance

Prioritize safety and compliance with every delivery. Our platform helps manage the transport of hazardous materials and ensures that all equipment deliveries adhere to industry standards and regulations.

Enhanced Communication

Improve coordination with enhanced communication channels. Cigo Tracker keeps all stakeholders informed, from suppliers to site managers, ensuring smooth logistics and immediate resolution of any issues.

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Transform your logistics operations with Cigo Tracker and see immediate benefits.

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Increased Transparency

Efficiency Unleashed

Maximize Delivery Efficiency

Revolutionize your construction and hardware deliveries by achieving more with less. Cigo Tracker’s smart routing algorithms ensure that every delivery is completed using the shortest, most efficient route possible.

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Material Visibility

Seamless Material Tracking

Gain complete control over your construction materials from warehouse to worksite.

Cigo Tracker’s advanced tracking system provides real-time visibility, ensuring materials arrive exactly when and where needed, reducing downtime and improving project efficiency.

Your Questions, Answered

Frequently Asked Questions

From setup inquiries to feature functionalities, we cover it all.

How can Cigo Tracker improve the delivery experience for customers ordering heavy equipment?

Cigo Tracker’s last mile delivery software offers enhanced visibility and updates on the delivery status of heavy equipment orders, ensuring customers are well-informed throughout the delivery process. 

Does Cigo Tracker offer any features to help customers plan for the arrival of their heavy equipment deliveries?

Yes, Cigo Tracker provides estimated delivery times and real-time updates of any asset tracking, enabling customers to efficiently schedule and prepare for the receipt and installation of their heavy equipment.

Can Cigo Tracker be used to optimize the delivery routes for heavy equipment to ensure timely arrivals?

Cigo Tracker’s software includes route optimization features that plan the most efficient delivery paths, reducing delays and ensuring heavy equipment reaches the customers as scheduled.

How does Cigo Tracker manage the tracking of heavy equipment deliveries to ensure they are delivered correctly and on time?

The software allows for tracking of delivery progress of construction equipment in real time, offering updates to both the delivery team and the customer to ensure all parties are informed of the expected delivery timeline.

How does Cigo Tracker's software enhance asset management for fleet managers, similar to using GPS trackers?

Cigo Tracker’s software, almost similar to having GPS trackers, offers a comprehensive solution for asset management across multiple job sites. It allows fleet managers to stay informed about the location and status of construction assets in real time. This virtual GPS tracking capability ensures all your assets are monitored efficiently, enhancing operational control and the ability to monitor construction assets without the need for physical GPS tracking devices.