grocery delivery management


Know exactly where your prescriptions are in transit & capture digital signatures.
log proof of delivery in-app

Capture Digital Signatures

customer review delivery

Log Payments In-App

delivery inbound calls

Know Exact Location of Prescriptions

Why choose Cigo?

Cigo has 100+ features.
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dynamic routing and dispatch

Simple Order Entry

Quickly enter patient orders into Cigo for your drivers to pick up and deliver.

Detailed customer profiles allow you to create an order with two clicks

proof of delivery

Digital Signatures & Proof Of Delivery

Make sure your prescriptions are delivered to the right patient, thanks to Cigo’s proof of delivery system.

Request digital signatures once delivery is completed and/or log photos in-app in the patient’s profile.

dynamic routing and dispatch

Powerful Dashboard View of Prescriptions

Know the exact location of your prescriptions and comply with strict regulations when they are in transit.

Know the whereabouts of drivers and evaluate performance.

dynamic routing and dispatch

Real-Time Prescriptions delivery tracking

Allow your patients to keep track of their prescriptions delivery thanks to live tracking.

Enhance patients’ experience by making prescriptions delivery less anxious for them.

Discover the difference Cigo will make on your delivery operations

It's time to gain full control of your customer's delivery experience.