How to Crush Your eCommerce Product Delivery

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Covid has created a demand for home delivery like never before in history. What has become an incredible opportunity for eCommerce companies to make sales has also resulted in an equally enormous challenge delivering products to people’s doorstep. To be competitive today, companies need to revolutionize their last-mile delivery service to keep up with rising […]

Covid has created a demand for home delivery like never before in history. What has become an incredible opportunity for eCommerce companies to make sales has also resulted in an equally enormous challenge delivering products to people’s doorstep.

To be competitive today, companies need to revolutionize their last-mile delivery service to keep up with rising demand and stand out against the competition.

How can you “up” your game and deliver incredible results in this ever-changing and challenging aspect of your business?

Start Relying on Cutting-Edge Technology

How manual are your processes when it comes to order processing, route planning and dispatching your deliveries? If it’s not already impossible to get the job done through manual processes, it will be soon.

If you are bursting at the seams with order volume increases and struggling to keep up, feeling like you have to hire drivers or extra support staff, WAIT!

Bottlenecks don’t change with more manpower.

Gathering efficiencies across your order workflow and automating your process from purchase to delivery is possible with the right delivery software platform.

The right technology can integrate with existing business software, seamlessly pass orders through to fulfillment and delivery, and scale as your business needs.

It can help you deal with seasonal highs or lows, help you navigate multiple drivers and dispatch centers and even provide an elevated user experience for the customers you serve.

Hiring up isn’t always the answer, and it should be the last resort. Technology can help you keep up with higher-order volumes and schedule more deliveries per driver, helping keep headcount low and profits high.

Make Use of API’s and Easy Integrations

Any software in your business should be easy to use and simple to integrate into your eCommerce workflow.

Well-documented APIs and simple integrations ensure the right data is passed to your eCommerce platform or website and into your delivery software system.

Why handle an order twice or three times if you don’t have to? Manual orders leave room for error or, worse, can be forgotten on the fulfillment room floor.

Today more than ever before, companies can take advantage of the automation and integrations that are available through well-designed, cloud-based software built to handle your eCommerce delivery needs.

For third-party logistics companies (3PLs) who make a business handling deliveries for eCommerce companies, the right delivery service software will have the ability to link up directly to individual merchants, allowing for a seamless order upload manually or through the use of an API.

For companies using 3PLs for deliveries, the right software will simplify the order process or automate it altogether.

Look for technology that makes your life easier through automation and integration.

Ensure you Maintain Consistent Branding

Your customers are looking for an end-to-end solution from purchase to delivery. Even if that isn’t realistic for your company, and you have to use a 3PL for delivery, your branding should never suffer.

Keeping your brand front and centre with your customers is just good business but can be increasingly tricky when using third-party vendors for delivery.

Your last-mile deliveries are one of the most critical aspects of your customer service. Showing a consistent brand all across their buyer journey creates confidence and increased brand equity for your business.

Whether you use your own delivery software or a 3PL, your branding should be front and centre, presenting the image that your company controls every aspect of their service. Confused customers don’t provide referrals or reviews! Ensure every part of your buyer journey, including the last-mile delivery, is appropriately branded and customers have a memorable experience with your brand.

Make Customer Service your Aim

No one likes to wait. If you are still providing a vague time window for when delivery will happen for your customers, it’s time to stop.

Customers want to know where their order is and how long it would take to reach them. The right eCommerce delivery software solution can help you deliver your products on-time every time and let your customers see their products progress every step of the way.

Today, customers can receive text messages about their delivery, view a branded tracking page unique to their order and view an interactive map that provides real-time updates on when their product will arrive.

The right software will also allow for real-time dispatching if a customer needs to make a last-minute change to their availability, allowing deliveries to be shuffled or rescheduled to meet their needs.

When the package arrives and your customers are thrilled, what better time is there to ask them to leave an online review for your company. The right delivery software platform puts the power of excellent customer service in the palm of your hands and the hands of your customers.

Provide Contactless Delivery

Nowadays, contactless deliveries are the need of the hour to ensure both your customers’ and employees’ safety.

The right delivery technology allows customers to have the peace of mind of having contactless delivery. At the same time, it will enable the business the peace of mind that deliveries have been successful, allowing a seamless way for drivers to file proof of delivery notices for their clients.

Companies big and small need to protect themselves from the growing liability presented by leaving products at people’s doors. Limiting physical interaction between customers and drivers is critical protection these days. But companies also have to consider protecting their bottom line from scammers and thieves looking to prey on doorstep deliveries.

Bottom Line

As your e-commerce sales explode, so will the needs of your delivery service. An excellent delivery experience is key to a smooth customer buying journey and creating exceptional brand loyalty. It is crucial for e-commerce delivery businesses to leverage the right type of technology to improve their last-mile delivery services.


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