Delivery Software API

Elevate your last mile delivery experience with our cutting-edge Delivery Software API. Designed to seamlessly integrate into your current systems, it transforms customer interactions into seamless, engaging journeys.

Easy integration

Seamless Integration
With CRM

Enhance your customer engagement effortlessly with our software’s seamless CRM integration. By synchronizing customer data, our solution offers a comprehensive view of the customer journey, elevating their experience with your brand through personalized, meaningful interactions.

Customized Journeys

Create Your Own
Tracking Experience

Craft a unique delivery tracking experience that aligns with your brand’s purpose. Our software enables the creation of customized tracking interfaces, offering a seamless, brand-centric journey that enhances engagement and fosters deeper connections with your customers.


Elevate your e-commerce logistics with up-to-the-minute delivery updates and streamlined management, crafting an unparalleled buying experience from purchase to delivery.

Live Chat

Easily Integrate live chat features to offer instant support and enhanced engagement, improving communication and satisfaction throughout the delivery process.

Other Connections

Explore the endless possibilities with Cigo Tracker’s API, connecting with a variety of tools and services to tailor a logistics solution that perfectly fits your needs.

Swift Job Creation

Creating Jobs Quickly 
& Seamlessly

Accelerate your operational workflow with our API’s straightforward job creation capabilities.

Implement efficient, automated job entries to keep your delivery schedule tight and reliable.

Learn All You Need
On Our
API Document

Our detailed API documentation provides you with all the tools and knowledge necessary to implement Cigo Tracker’s functionalities smoothly, enabling innovation and customization at every turn.

Data At Hand

Easily Retrieve
Historical Data

Unlock the power of data with easy access to comprehensive delivery histories.

Analyze performance, identify trends, and make informed decisions to drive your business forward.

Instant POD Access

Retrieve POD’s in Real-time

Enhance your operational transparency by instantly accessing real-time proofs of delivery.

This immediate verification builds trust and streamlines customer service processes.

Unlock Next-Level Efficiency

Our API facilitates a wide range of optimizations, from automated dispatching to dynamic routing, enabling your business to operate at peak efficiency.

Route Sequencing & WMS Integration

Combine Cigo Tracker’s intelligent route sequencing with your Warehouse Management System (WMS) for seamless logistics operations, minimizing downtime and optimizing delivery schedules.

Create powerful bi-directional integrations

Utilize our API for dynamic, two-way interactions between Cigo Tracker and your existing systems, enhancing data flow and operational harmony across platforms.

Your Questions, Answered

Frequently Asked Questions

From setup inquiries to feature functionalities, we cover it all.

What Makes Cigo Tracker’s Delivery Software API Stand Out for Developers?

Cigo Tracker’s API is designed for seamless integration and real-time tracking, offering developers comprehensive tools to enhance delivery operations. With features like live data access and easy integration with existing systems, it provides a flexible platform for creating customized delivery solutions. The API supports a variety of functionalities, from job creation to detailed tracking, making it a robust choice for businesses looking to optimize their delivery services.

How Can Businesses Integrate Cigo Tracker’s API with Their Current Systems?

Integrating Cigo Tracker’s API is straightforward, thanks to its developer-friendly documentation and support for common programming standards. The API can easily connect with CRM systems, e-commerce platforms, and warehouse management systems, among others. This flexibility ensures that businesses can enhance their delivery process and customer engagement without the need for extensive overhaul of their existing infrastructure.

What Types of Real-Time Data Can Cigo Tracker’s API Provide?

Cigo Tracker’s API offers real-time data on delivery status, shipping labels, and live tracking updates. This enables businesses to provide their customers with up-to-the-minute information on their orders, from dispatch through to delivery. The API’s capabilities ensure that users have complete visibility over their shipments, enhancing the overall delivery experience.

What Support Does Cigo Offer for Developers Using Their API?

Cigo provides detailed API documentation, complete with code examples, error responses, and guidance on best practices. This resource is designed to help developers effectively utilize the API, enabling quick resolution of any issues and supporting innovative integrations. Additionally, Cigo’s technical support team is available to assist with any integration challenges.

How does the Delivery Software API enhance e-commerce logistics?

Integrating the API into e-commerce platforms revolutionizes logistics by automating the delivery process, providing live updates directly to customers and streamlining operations. This not only elevates the customer’s purchasing journey from the point of sale to the delivery but also empowers businesses to manage and optimize deliveries efficiently. By enhancing logistic workflows with real-time data, e-commerce businesses can ensure faster, more reliable deliveries, significantly improving the end-to-end buying experience.

What functionalities does the API provide for real-time delivery tracking?

The API offers a suite of real-time tracking functionalities, such as providing live ETAs, comparing planned versus actual routes to identify discrepancies, and monitoring on-site duration to evaluate service times. These features allow businesses to gain valuable insights into their delivery operations, enhancing the ability to make informed decisions on the fly. By leveraging such detailed data, companies can continuously refine their delivery strategies to achieve optimal efficiency and customer satisfaction.

How can the API improve customer service in the delivery industry?

With instant access to proofs of delivery and integrated communication tools like live chat, the API significantly enhances how businesses interact with their customers during the delivery process. This immediate verification and open line of communication not only build trust but also ensure that any customer inquiries or issues can be addressed promptly, leading to a smoother, more satisfying delivery experience. The ability to keep customers informed and engaged at every step of the delivery journey sets a new standard for customer service excellence in the delivery sector.

Can small businesses benefit from using the Delivery Software API?

Yes, the API is particularly beneficial for small businesses by offering cost-effective solutions that level the playing field in the competitive delivery market. Small businesses can leverage the same advanced tracking and management capabilities as larger companies, enabling them to optimize their delivery operations without the need for significant investment in infrastructure. This democratization of technology helps small businesses to enhance efficiency, improve customer service, and expand their market reach, ultimately driving growth and success.

What support is available for integrating the Delivery Software API?

Cigo Tracker provides extensive support for developers through detailed API documentation that covers everything from basic setup to advanced features like error handling and API key management. This comprehensive guide is designed to facilitate a smooth integration process, enabling developers to harness the full potential of the API. Additionally, Cigo offers technical support to address any challenges that may arise during integration, ensuring businesses can effectively implement and utilize the API to innovate and customize their delivery services.

Can Cigo Tracker’s API Help in Optimizing Delivery Routes?

Yes, Cigo Tracker’s API includes route optimization features that analyze current traffic conditions, delivery priorities, and distances to propose the most efficient routes. This not only saves time and reduces operational costs but also improves customer satisfaction by ensuring timely deliveries.