Cyrille B. Delavenne

Chief Technology Officer at Cigo Tracker

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A skilled professional, Cyrille underwent a transformative journey at Cigo, progressing from a non-web developer to the Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

This career evolution highlights adaptability, strategic vision, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. With a Computer Science degree from York University, his academic foundation seamlessly integrates with hands-on experience.

Beyond technical expertise, his leadership at Cigo extends into significant contributions to software development, project management, and strategic hiring. Rooted in continuous, consistent effort, he tackles challenges with humility and a steadfast commitment to excellence. This mindset influences every aspect of his role, from refining product interfaces and improving user experiences to expanding technological capabilities.

Valuing user insights, he uses surveys and direct communication to fine-tune strategies. Meticulous reviews of Jira issues each quarter underscore a commitment to continuous improvement. Balancing professional and personal life, Cyrille prioritizes quality moments with family and friends.

Balancing work and personal life, he makes it a point to engage in regular exercise and has been practicing Muay Thai, a combat sport, for some time now. Finding equilibrium through both physical and mental activities, he also enjoys single-player PC and console games, occasionally joining multiplayer sessions to create shared experiences and lasting connections. Outside of work, Cyrille’s path at Cigo extends past career milestones, embodying a personal dedication to continuous growth through humble, consistent hard work.