Elie Matar

Elie Matar

Business Develompent Manager

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Meet Elie Matar, a dynamic professional at the intersection of technology, business, and personal passions. With a background in computer science, Elie has transitioned from banking to a key role in business development at Cigo. Elie’s journey began with a fascination for computers, leading to a degree in Computer Science. He then applied his technical skills in the banking sector, contributing to innovative projects that streamlined financial operations.

Driven by entrepreneurial spirit, Elie shifted his focus to business development. Joining Cigo marked a turning point, where he blends technical expertise with business acumen to forge strategic partnerships and drive growth. Outside of work, Elie enjoys sports and music.

Whether on the basketball field or at a live performance, he values the lessons sports teach about teamwork and strategy. Music serves as a creative outlet, complementing the analytical demands of his professional life. In the ever-changing tech landscape, Elie embraces challenges and opportunities, shaping the future of technology and business. His journey exemplifies adaptability and forward-thinking in the digital age.

As Elie navigates the intersection of technology, business, and personal passions, his story reflects the multifaceted nature of a career in computer science and business development. With each chapter, he continues to redefine success in a dynamic world.