Mark Mulhearne

Mark Mulhearne

Enterprise Account Executive

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Mark is an accomplished Enterprise Account Executive at Cigo, where he excels in driving customer success and fostering enduring relationships with clients and partners.

With a relentless focus on continuous improvement, Mark is committed to enhancing product and system efficiency to better serve the needs of his clientele.

Mark’s dedication to his craft extends beyond the confines of the workplace. He is a self-driven individual, constantly seeking opportunities for growth and development, both professionally and personally. His proactive approach to problem-solving and his unwavering determination make him an invaluable asset to the Cigo team.

Outside of work, Mark finds joy in exploring the worlds of art and travel. Since moving to Canada in 2015, he has embraced the diverse cultural landscape of the country, having lived in Vancouver before relocating to Toronto. His experiences in these vibrant cities have enriched his perspective and fueled his passion for discovering new places and experiences.

Mark’s love for art and travel reflects his curiosity and openness to new ideas, qualities that also shine through in his professional endeavors. With a proven track record of success and a genuine passion for what he does, Mark embodies the values of excellence and dedication that define Cigo’s commitment to its clients and partners.

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