Jonathan Shtainer

Senior Account Executive

With just over three years at Cigo, Jonathan blends a rich background in finance and software with vibrant energy, making him a cornerstone of our business development team. His expertise and enthusiasm significantly contribute to our success, showcasing a unique blend of professional acumen and personal passion.

Outside of work, he immerses himself in family life and friendships, enjoying winter sports, savoring culinary delights, and sharing moments of laughter and joy. This balanced approach reflects his belief in the importance of a well-rounded lifestyle, merging career dedication with personal pleasures.

Continuously striving for growth, he embraces opportunities for learning and improvement, emphasizing genuine connections that enrich both his work and personal life. This ability to foster meaningful relationships is a key reason for his integral role in our team.

Based at our Montreal headquarters, he leads our business development efforts, focusing on nurturing client relationships and driving growth. His work in developing partnerships and enhancing client experiences is central to Cigo’s expansion.

Clients consistently experience his dedication and passion, receiving exceptional service and impressive results. Jonathan’s journey at Cigo is more than a career path; it’s a testament to his commitment to excellence and impactful contribution.

In summary, his tenure at Cigo is characterized by professional skill, personal growth, and a dedication to building lasting relationships. His multifaceted role underscores the invaluable contribution he brings to both our team and clients, setting new benchmarks for excellence and meaningful impact.

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